Surface properties of silicon patterned surfaces with the aspect ratio

Surface properties of silicon patterned surfaces with the aspect ratio
Nagaraj MachavallavanShuxue Piao조일주윤의성
Pattern; Wetting; Adhesion; Friction; Aspect ratio
Issue Date
ISNIT 2013
The present work investigates an influence of aspect ratio on the characteristics of silicon patterned surfaces. Silicon surfaces were photo-lithographically patterned on circular pillar patterns with diameter of 3 μm, pitch of 6 μm, and different aspect ratio ranging from 0.06 to 8.33. The patterned silicon surfaces were modified with thin film layer of low surface energy materials such as PTFE to observe its secondary effect. First, wetting behavior of all patterned samples is characterized using Water Contact Angle measurement (WCA). Secondly, Tribological behavior is characterized using Atomic Force Microscopy. We observed that WCA of silicon patterned surfaces under low aspect ratio is decreased with roughness factor, which is good agreement with the Wenzel prediction. Wetting characteristics is changed with the aspect ratio. In case of hydrophobic PTFE surfaces, their trend follows Wenzel prediction. Tribological studies show that there is not much difference in adhesion & frictional behavior although aspect ratio and roughness factor of surfaces are varied. It is explained based on concept of contact area. Our experimental observations show that thin film layer of PTFE coating enhances the hydrophobicity & tribological characteristics of silicon surfaces.
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