A Bioreactor for the Effective Removal of the Hydrogen Sulfide from Biogas

A Bioreactor for the Effective Removal of the Hydrogen Sulfide from Biogas
Hydrogen sulfide; Bioreactor; Biogas; Sulfur oxidizing bacteria
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한국대기환경학회지; Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment
VOL 29, NO 6, 811-817
A two-stage bioreactor system using sulfur-oxidizing bacteria was studied to abate high strength hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) from biogas. The two-stage bioreactor consisted of a H₂S absorption column (0.5 L) and a microbial oxidation column (1 L) in series, and the liquid medium was continuously recirculated through the columns. The objectives of this study were to determine the feasibility of the bioreactor for biogas desulfurization and to investigate the effect of the medium circulation rate on the system performance. An averaged concentration of H₂S introduced to the bioreactor was 530 ppm, corresponding to an overall loading rate of 44.4 g/m³/hr. During the initial 20 days period at the medium recirculation rate of 8 reactor volumes per hour (12 L/hr), the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration in the oxidation column was 6 mg/L, while the DO in the absorption column was 0.5 mg/L showing that the oxygen contents of the biogas stream was not altered. Because of the biological oxidation of H₂S in the oxidation column, the sulfate concentration increased from 200 mg/L to 5,600 mg/L in the liquid medium. The removal efficiency of H2S was greater than 99% in the initial operation period. After the initial period, the medium recirculation rate between the two columns was stepwise changed eight times from 1.0 to 40 vol/hr (1.5~60 L/hr). At the recirculation rate of faster than 4 vol/hr, the H₂S removal efficiencies were found to be high, but the efficiency declined at the lower recirculation rates than the threshold.
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