Total Software Solutions for Supporting ELV Recycling Processes

Total Software Solutions for Supporting ELV Recycling Processes
End-of-Life Vehicle; Recycling; Software Solution
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14th Interantional Automobile Recycling Congress
The main subject of this presentation is the development of total software solutions for supporting ELV (End-of-Life Vehicle) recycling processes from take-back to monitoring, which enables the systemization and improvement of ELV recycling process by supporting dismantlers and recyclers rationally, also can be utilized for total monitoring of ELV recycling processes as all information on ELV recycling stages is gathered and managed systematically. The solutions have 5 sub-systems for supporting take-back, collection, dismantling, reuse part management, and monitoring. The take-back system is a web-based ELV brokerage system, so that the vehicle owners can apply de-registration of their vehicles conveniently, and the system can notify them to dismantlers readily. The collection, dismantling, and reuse part management system support the process and works for ELV management, part dismantling, and management of used parts in dismantling plant, respectively. And the monitoring system gathers all the result of recycled quantities from collection to energy recovery stages, and calculates the total recycling rate to share the recycling result with stakeholders such as government, manufacturer, dismantler, and recyclers. Our total software solutions for ELV recycling could be applied not only for increase profit and vitality of recycling business but also for systematizing and improving ELV recycling environment.
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