Comparison of coagulation and roughing filter as a pre-filter for the of pressurized MF/UF process in pilot scale (200 m3/d)

Comparison of coagulation and roughing filter as a pre-filter for the of pressurized MF/UF process in pilot scale (200 m3/d)
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7th IWA specialised Membrane Technology COnference and Exhibition for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
Pre-treatment is a key process to operate the SWRO (sea water reverse osmosis) system sustainably in order to mitigate a fouling on the reverse osmosis membrane. In spite of relatively high capital cost due to membrane, the membrane pre-treatment process has advantages including the small foot print, guarantee of better water quality than the conventional pre-treatment process and low fouling on RO membrane. In this research, the pressurized type MF/UF membrane system was adopted as a pre-treatment process using the sea water from the intake as a feed. The pressurized type membrane was the PVDF hollow-fiber type reinforced membrane manufactured by Kolon Industry Inc.. The membrane pore size and membrane area are 0.07 μm 72 m2, respectively. The detailed information of the membrane is listed as Table 1.1. As an additional pre-treatment before the pressurized membrane process, 1) coagulation followed by flocculation and strainer and 2) bio ball filter process was used and the performances such as operating parameter (trans-membrane pressure) and water quality parameters (turbidity and SDI) of pressurized MF/UF membrane process were compared according to the additional pre-treatment processes. The FeCl3 (4 ppm) was used as a coagulant. In the bio ball filter process, no chemical was introduced during the operation. The flux of pressurized membrane process was controlled in the range of 45 – 55 LMH (L/m2h) according to the given experimental conditions. Meanwhile, the trans-membrane pressure (TMP) was increased from 0.3 bar to 2 bar periodically and the CIP (Clean in place) method and frequency were determined. The pre-treatment process has been operated since April, 2010. The developed membrane process will be utilized to 2 MIGD pre-treatment process of the test bed in Kijang, Korea.
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