PbS quantum dot sensitized InGaZnO metal oxide hybrid phototransistor for near infrared detection

PbS quantum dot sensitized InGaZnO metal oxide hybrid phototransistor for near infrared detection
PbS; IGZO; Phototransistor
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Colloidal quantum dots (QDs) are an important class of new materials due to their unique physical properties. In particular, PbS QD has great potential for optoelectronic applications because it is highly desirable as light absorber for near-infrared (NIR) detection. InGaZnO (IGZO) metal oxide is a promising alternative to amorphous or poly silicon technologies, which can facilitate the development of microelectronic or optoelectronic circuit systems on glass and flexible substrates. Here, we propose new hybrid approach of two emerging classes of PbS QD as light absorber and IGZO as the charges transport layer to create a bi-functional optoelectronic device application. The PbS QD can be functionalized directly onto the surface of IGZO TFT to produce a gate tunable, highly sensitive, and easily integrated PbS sensitized IGZO hybrid phototransistor for NIR detection. This hybrid phototransistor exhibits significant photo-induced threshold voltage shifts in the spectral range of 1400 - 700 nm, resulting in state-of-the art photoresponsivity over 103 A/W and specific detectivity on the order of 1014-1015 Jones. To further evaluate real potential towards optoelectronic circuit system, a photo gating resistive-load inverter is implemented by connecting a unit phototransistor to an external load resistor. The photo-induced threshold voltage shifts of the hybrid phototransistor lead to a certain static or dynamic output voltage signal from our photo-gating inverter. We expect that this hybrid phototransistor can be simply integrated on glass or plastic substrates that can be applied to pixels on flat panel photo imaging applications or building blocks on complex photo gating logic circuits.
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