Collaborative AR Authoring Framework using Remote Panorama and In-situ Sensors

Collaborative AR Authoring Framework using Remote Panorama and In-situ Sensors
Collaborative Authoring; Desktop AR; Panorama AR; Mobile AR Authoring
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KJMR 2014, The 7th Korea-Japan Workshop on Mixed Reality
By the prevalence of the smartphone, users can encounter many AR applications. Accordingly, more contents are necessary, but not enough. AR authoring is particularly difficult, cumbersome and tedious when carried out in-situ holding a small hand-held device, especially if there are many augmentations to make. For this reason, we suggest to combine the remote desktop panorama based authoring and the mobile in-situ authoring. A panorama including the augmentation target is first obtained. Then, the first pass of authoring is done on the desktop in convenience. Since such an authoring can introduce registration errors due to precalibrated and accumulated error, if needed, in the second pass, it is later corrected in-situ. Since the user would be already given the initial augmentation in display and it is easier for one to make the slight modification. The final can be reflected back to the contents server. In this paper, we propose such a combined authoring framework and describe how we calibrate the geometric parameter spaces between those as represented by the panorama and in-situ sensor readings. The latter is the central issue in realizing the combined authoring framework. We have devised a method for calculating the relative position based on origin of the target POI (Point Of Interest), not based on the ellipsoid of the earth so that AR contents have an absolute position on target POI.
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