Fabrication and characterization of Bi-doped Y2O3 phosphor thin films by using RF magnetron sputtering

Fabrication and characterization of Bi-doped Y2O3 phosphor thin films by using RF magnetron sputtering
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11th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies (NN14)
, 262
High energy photons in the solar spectrum, greater than the energy band gap of solar cell material (E>2Eg), cannot be used efficiently in the conversion of solar energy to electric energy due to lattice thermalization loss. A way to reduce this loss is down-conversion or down-shift of the solar spectrum by using luminescent materials as a spectrum converter. Generally, luminescent materials, phosphors are synthesized in the form of powder. However, due to the adverse light scattering, phosphor powder is not suitable for practical applications in the solar cell. Phosphor film is more appropriate to a spectrum converter for solar cells due to its high transmittance and uniform properties across the covered area, etc. Therefore, in this work, Bi-doped Y2O3 (Bi:Y2O3) phosphor thin films were fabricated on silicon and quartz substrates by using rf magnetron sputtering and their structural and optical properties were investigated. Y2O3 and Bi:Y2O3 targets were co-sputtered to control the Bi doping content in the film. Photoluminescence (PL) of the Bi:Y2O3 thin films depending on substrate temperature, film thickness, and Bi doping content was systematically examined and transmittance of the film was measured by using UV-Vis spectrometer. All the fabricated films consisted of nano-sized grains. PL intensity was increased with increasing film thickness and substrate temperature. However, PL intensity had the maximum point depending on the Bi doping content. Transmittance of all the films with the thickness below 1000nm was measured to be above 90%. However, when the film thickness was above 1000nm, transmittance in the visible region was decreased. More precise results will be presented and discussed.
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