An Analysis of Consumer Emotion for Product Planning of Smart Clothing

An Analysis of Consumer Emotion for Product Planning of Smart Clothing
Convergence Technology; smart clothing; emotional factor; emotional design; consumer design
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한국감성과학회지 : 감성과학; Korean Journal of the Science of Emotion and Sensibility
VOL 17, NO 3, 51-58
This study aims at providing basic data for product planning to design smart clothing and to develop applications, focusing on consumers by satisfying their emotions through analyzing emotional factors on smart clothing, comparing emotional differences between conventional clothing and it, reviewing changes of consumers’ emotion by integrating the product and clothing and researching differences of preference and purchase intention between smart clothing and traditional one. As the results of the study, emotional factors for smart clothing were analyzed with total 6 including ‘technical’, ‘comfort’, ‘aesthetic’, ‘modern’, ‘fun’ and ‘multiple’ factors. Among them, except for ‘comport’, five emotional factors showed emotional factors between conventional sport-casual clothing and smart clothing. That is, emotional factors of ‘technical’, ‘aesthetic’, ‘modern’, ‘fun’ and ‘multiple’ were emphasized more in smart clothing than conventional ones, indicating that they should be considered in planning products of smart clothing. Though there was no significant difference of preference between smart clothing and conventional clothing, in case of comparison of averages, that of smart clothing was a little higher. For purchase intention, smart clothing was lower than the conventional clothing. So preference seems to be not directly related to consumers’ immediate purchase. To make consumers’ interests and preference to result in purchase, it is necessary to develop smart clothing with more various applications and to prepare commercializing strategies. As the results of the analysis on free-descriptive questionnaire survey, consumers were interested in development of smart clothing to help diet with functions including energy harvesting from body motion, calorification and perspiration, measurement of motion and calory consumption as well as health-care type smart clothing to measure heartbeat and ECG
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