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dc.description.abstractPlasma actuator can be used as one of the active devices for flow control, which has many advantages such as simple structure without moving parts, light weight, fast response and so on [1]. Dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma actuator has been studied as one type of plasma actuators, which consists of one electrode exposed to the environmental gas and the other encapsulated by a dielectric material. DBD plasma actuator induces parallel flow on the wall surface of the actuator by the interaction between plasma and neutral air particles [2]. This study is experimentally focused on the flow characteristics inside a circular pipe with a single or multiple dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators. We compare the flow velocity in the closed loop tunnel with in the open loop tunnel at the various excitation voltages and frequencies applied to the actuator. Also, this study shows the effects of the material of the electrode using the aluminum and the copper, the number of the plasma actuators and the condition of the ambient air. An experimental setup with single or multiple DBD actuators installed on a circular tube wall has been manufactured and arranged to estimate their characteristics and performances. Figure 1 shows a schematic half view of single plasma actuator. The active electrode is connected to high-voltage power amplifier (TREK 20/20C) excited by a function generator (TekTronix AFG 3022) generating a sine wave. The voltage and frequency ranges are 8-16 kV and 0.7, 1, 1.25 kHz respectively. Flow velocities were measured at several radial positions inside the circular pipe by hot-wire anemometry (Dantec 55P11 probe, 90H01 and 90H02 flow calibration unit). Figure 2 shows the comparison of the velocity magnitudes with the various excited voltages, which were induced by one or two copper actuators. Figure 3 shows the velocity profiles after passing the curved path of the-
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dc.titleComparison of Velocity Profiles Derived by Plasma Actuators in an Open- and Closed-loop Circular Pipes-
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