Optimization of the surface light source with multi-color LEDs for plant factory

Optimization of the surface light source with multi-color LEDs for plant factory
Light guide plate; LED; Artificial light soursce; Plat factory; Ray-tracing
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International Conference on Electronic Materials and Nanotechnology for Green Environment (ENGE 2014)
Uncertainty of agricultural production have become increasing by climate change and natural damage due to the global warming. As an alternative, plant factory system has been emerging. Because of the all-year-round production regardless of the external environment in the plant factory, artificial light source is needed instead of the natural source such as sun light. The rapid advancement of semiconductor technology together with new concepts in packaging design and low-cost mass manufacturing process has led to a significant increase in LED lightening as an artificial light source at the plant factory. Although LED module which has narrow bandwidth and multi-wavelength range allow cultivating the plants efficiently, there are some limitations; its efficiency and the thermal problem. Because of the alternating arrangement of the individual colored-LEDs which act as a point source, additional space is required for color mixing. So it caused decreasing the photosynthetic photon flux density at the plants. In addition, heats from the LED module may be damaged to the plants. In order to overcome the color mixing and heat dissipation problem with decreasing the gap of the light source and the plants, surface light source design which is currently being used for the LED backlighting in the display system was proposed. The multi-color LEDs were side-mounted with direct contact to the both sides of a light guide plate (LGP). The LGP was simulated with optimal output efficiency utilizing ray-tracing algorithm. In this presentation, details of the optimal condition of the LGP patterning and the uniform distribution of the mixed light condition will be discussed.
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