MicroRNA sequencing detects up-regulation of miR-424-5p in ovarian cancer stem cells

MicroRNA sequencing detects up-regulation of miR-424-5p in ovarian cancer stem cells
MicroRNA; miR-424-5p; ovarian cancer stem cells
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생화학분자생물학회 (KSBMB)
Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are cancer cells that possess a capability of continuous proliferation and self-renewal. It has been believed that CSCs are responsible for tumor growth, heterogeneity, invasion, metastasis, and recurrence. MicroRNAs, a small non-coding RNAs containing about 22 nucleotides, have been known to be involved in the maintenance of CSCs. To gain insight into the role of microRNAs in CSCs, we investigated the differentially expressed microRNAs in ovarian CSCs compared to non-CSCs. Ovarian CSCs were isolated from the human ovarian cancer cell line SK-OV-3 using two ovarian CSC specific surface markers, CD44 and CD117. The expression levels of microRNAs in CSCs and non-CSCs were estimated by microRNA sequencing method. We were able to detect four up-regulated miRNAs (miR-29a-5p, -34c-5p, -106a-5p, and -424-5p) in ovarian CSCs, of which miR-424-5p was validated by real-time qPCR. The miR-424-5p target genes were predicted from several validated target databases as well as computational algorithms. Pathway analysis indicated that most miR-424-5p target genes are involved in cancer related biological pathways. In total, these results suggest that miR-424-5p is a potential regulator of CSCs endowing human ovarian tissue with the tumorigenesis, and the possible therapeutic target for human ovarian cancer. -
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