Development of coating adhesion ability on magnesium for improved wettability by ultrafast laser surface modification

Development of coating adhesion ability on magnesium for improved wettability by ultrafast laser surface modification
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14th International Union of Materials Research Societies-International Conference on Advanced Materials
Magnesium has been highlighted as a biodegradable implant material. However, the fast initial corrosion in body, problems associated therewith. In an attempt to solve problems, alloy design and the coating methods have been utilized. Among them, the method using a coating process, efforts to solve the problems such as peeling or cracking is underway. There is a laser surface modification technique to complement this. Laser surface engineering is emerging as a useful tool for micro/nano structure modification of materials due to its short pulse width and simple processing. Recently, technology utilizing the femtosecond (fs) laser has been highlighted in the field because of various advantages, which includes laser texturing technique one-step process to easily form micro/nano structure on materials. Changes of surface on materials result in alteration of several properties such as roughness, surface energy, and wettability. Average pulsed power was 160μJ and scan speed was 0.5mm/s. PLLA and PLGA were spin-coated on the surface of laser treated Mg. Modified surfaces were coated with biodegradable polymers and compared with that of pure Mg. Compared bare samples(ctrl), laser treated group shows noticeably lower contact angle. It means that the surface property of Mg changed into hydrophilic wettability by ultrafast laser emission. In the immersion test and cell viability test also showed significantly improved corrosion properties when coated group on laser treated Mg. In this study, through a surface modification using the fs laser texturing process, the surface structrure of the Mg was changed into micro/nano structure resulting in improvement of adhesion strength due to imbedded coating layer between pits and grooves which were formed by laser irradiation. Modification in surface structure turned Mg surface property into hydrophilic state, which allowed formation of more quicker, adhesive and denser coating layer us
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