Molecularly Engineered Carbon Nanotube Fibers

Molecularly Engineered Carbon Nanotube Fibers
carbon nanotube fibers
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1st International Workshop on Multi-functional Nanocarbon Fibres
Molecularly Engineered Carbon Nanotube Fibers Bon-Cheol Ku E-mail: 1 Carbon Composite Materials Research Center, Institute of Advanced Composite Materials, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Jeonbuk, Korea ABSTRACT Carbon nanotube fibers (CNTFs) are considered to be next generation of high-performance composites due to their high mechanical properties, electrical conductivity, and low density. However, a limitation in enhancing mechanical properties of CNTFs exists and a few parameters including CNT length, alignment, densification, and cross-linking should be considered and optimized [1]. One promising approach to enhance mechanical properties may polymer-infiltration [2,3] and the introduction of cross-linking bonds between adjacent carbon shells [4]. Herein, we will present an effective method to make high-strength CNTFs via molecularly engineering. After cross-linking reactions of CNTFs, the mechanical properties of resulting CNTFs were significantly enhanced due to the interconnection of adjacent CNTs in the CNTFs. These results clearly confirm that the cross-linking reaction is an effective method of developing mechanically strong CNTFs. References [1] CR Park et al., How can we make carbon nanotube yarn stronger? Comp. Sci Technol. 2018, in press. [2] B.-C Ku et al. Mechanical and electrical properties of thermochemically cross-linked polymer carbon nanotube fibers, Composites Part A, 2016, 91, 222-228, [3] B.-C Ku et al. Photoacoustic effect on the electrical and mechanical properties of polymer-infiltrated carbon nanotube fiber/graphene oxide composites, Comp. Sci Technol. 2017, 153, 136-144. [4] B.-C Ku et al. High-modulus and strength carbon nanotube fibers using molecular cross-linking, Carbon 2017, 118, 413-421.
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