Few-Layer NbSe2@ graphene Heterostructures as Anodes in Lithium-ion Half-and Full-Cell Batteries

Few-Layer NbSe2@ graphene Heterostructures as Anodes in Lithium-ion Half-and Full-Cell Batteries
김형우Quoc Hai Nguyen김일태최원창허재현
NbSe2; Graphene; Exfoliation; Solid lubricant effect; Anode; Lithium-ion battery
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Chemical engineering journal
A few-layered NbSe2@graphene (FLNG) composite is synthesized via wet ball-milling (WBM) as a new promising anode (wet ball-milled NbSe2@graphene or WBMNG) in lithium-ion half- and full-cell batteries. In this study, we first demonstrate that few-layered graphene (FLG) with low defect density can be prepared from bulk graphite via ball-milling in ethanol. Extending this concept, NbSe2 is introduced as a new 2D additive in WBM to produce a well-defined FLNG composite. FLNG contains NbSe2 particles (~200 nm lateral size and ~7.7 nm thickness (~37 layers)) embedded on a larger FLG (~1 μm lateral size and ~1.7 nm thickness (~5 layers)). The formation of FLNG is based on the solid lubrication in the WBM process that facilitates the exfoliation of 2D materials (NbSe2 and graphite), which leads to the increased surface area, enhanced electrical conductivity, and homogeneous mixing. When applied as an anode in a lithium-ion battery, FLNG (or WBMNG) exhibits excellent electrochemical performances in both WBMNG//Li half-cell and WBMNG//LiFePO4@graphite full-cell batteries. The half-cell displays a reversible discharge capacity as high as ~1000 mAh g− 1 (capacity retention of ~88% compared with the initial capacity) at 0.1 A g− 1 after 200 cycles and ~700 mAh g− 1 at 1 A g− 1 after 1000 cycles, with an excellent rate capability (~76% capacity retention at 10 A g− 1 compared to the capacity at 0.1 A g− 1). Moreover, the practical full-cell delivers a high energy density of ~216 Wh kg− 1 after 100 cycles with excellent rate capability.
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