Magnetization Switching and Domain Wall Motion Due to Spin Orbit Torque

Magnetization Switching and Domain Wall Motion Due to Spin Orbit Torque
이억재Debanjan BhowmikLong YouSayeef Salahuddin
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Nanomagnetic and Spintronic Devices for Energy-Efficient Memory and Computing
Controlling ferromagnetic switching and ferromagnetic domain wall motion with spin polarized electrons has been a widely pursued research topic in the recent years because of its potential application in low power memory and logic. Though conventional spin transfer torque is widely used for such switching and domain wall motion, spin orbit torque in heavy metal/ferromagnet/oxide hetero-structures has recently attracted a lot of attention. In this chapter, we first discuss the origin of the spin orbit torque from a theoretical perspective. Two possible mechanisms have been discussed: the Rashba effect and the spin Hall effect. Next we discuss experimental results that demonstrate magnetic switching using spin orbit torque, followed by demonstrations of spin orbit torque driven domain wall motion. We also discuss how these experimental demonstrations can be useful in designing low power magnetic memory. Finally, we discuss how spin orbit torque driven magnetic switching can be used for a lower power logic scheme called nanomagnetic logic.
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