Flexible 3D printed silicones for gamma and neutron radiation shielding

Flexible 3D printed silicones for gamma and neutron radiation shielding
이소영Samantha J. TalleyTom RobisonAlexander M. LongZachary BrounsteinKwan-Soo LeeDrew GellerEd LumAndrea Labouriau
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Radiation physics and chemistry
VOL 188, 109616
In this work, resin formulations for direct ink write (DIW) additive manufacturing (AM) were developed for facile customization to shield radiation signatures consisting of a range of gamma radiation and neutron energies in a variety of applications. The resin developed in this work has been formulated to accommodate very high loadings of shielding filler materials: up to 40 wt% bismuth (Bi) metal for gamma radiation shielding, and up to 60 wt% boron-10 (10B) metal for neutron shielding. We report the first instance of a printable resin containing 60 wt% 10B, which remains flexible after curing despite the high solids content. We demonstrate that these resins can not only tolerate formulation modulation for radiation profile-matched shielding, but they can also be printed in a variety of geometries such that mechanical properties of the printed shield are readily tuned to specific applications. In contrast, most existing shielding materials are rigid, bulky, and do not allow for the complex shapes and mechanical flexibility needed in high-usage applications. This work demonstrates the successful development of a tunable resin for additively manufactured, flexible radiation shielding material, containing high loadings of shielding filler, which can be utilized in harsh radiation environments associated with nuclear materials.
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