Evaluation of DNA damage in pesticide sprayers using single cell gel electrophoresis

Evaluation of DNA damage in pesticide sprayers using single cell gel electrophoresis
comet assay; DNA damage; human lymphocytes; pesticides sprayers; tail moment
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Environmental Mutagens & Carcinogens (한국환경성돌연변이발암원학회지)
VOL 21, NO 2, 128-134.
Single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE) assay, also called comet assay, is a rapid and sensitive method to detect DNA damage in single cell level. To evaluate the DNA damage of lymphocytes of pesticides sprayers, SCGE assay was carried out for 50 pesticides sprayers and 58 control subjects. They were interviewed with structured questionnaire to get the information about the kinds and amount of pesticide. Insecticides and fungicides were predominant among pesticides. Major components of pesticides were organophosphorus, organosulfate, cartap, carbamates, and triazole. Sprayed pesticides were classified into two groups. Group I included organophosphorus, organoarsenic, organotin, tetrazine, triazole and gramoxone, which were known to cause DNA damages. Group II pesticide were carbamates, surfactants, organosulfates, etc., which were not found as DNA damaging agents in scientific documents. Olive tail moments of 100 lymphocytes were measured by KOMET 3.1 program for each person. The means of tail moments were compared between farmers exposed to pesticides and control subjects. Farmers showed higher tail moments than control subjects (2.07±1.40 vs 1.53±0.77, p<0.05). The means of tail moments also were compared among group I sprayers (n=36), group II sprayers (n=24) and, control subjects, and the means of tail moments were 3.45±3.20, 2.66±2.20 and 1.53±0.77 respectively. The difference between means of group I sprayers and controls was statistically significant (p<0.05). In conclusion, this study showed higher DNA damage in farmers exposed to pesticides than control subjects, and comet assay could be useful as a biological monitoring method of genotoxic pesticides for farmers.
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