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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-05Development of an Open Software Platform for Robotics Services in Korea박홍성; 한수희; 최병욱; 안상철; 이종배; 김성훈; 김형선
2002-11Discharge characteristics of chemically prepared MnO ₂ and electrolytic MnO ₂ in non-aqueous electrolytes김형선; 김현중; 조원일; 조병원; 주재백
2002-04Discharge characteristics of silver/lithium cobalt oxide cell for medical application김형선; 조원일; 조병원; 주재백
2005-12Drastic change of electric double layer capacitance by surface functionalization of carbon nanotubes김용태; Yoshiaki Ito; Kenji Tadai; Tadaoki Mitani; 김운석; 김형선; 조병원
2008-10Effect of Carbon-coated Silicon/Graphite Composite Anode on the Electrochemical Properties김형선; 정경윤; 조병원
2003-06Effect of mixed salts in gel-coated polymer electrolyte for ALB type lithium batteries.금경수; 송민규; 김용택; 김형선; 조병원; 이희우
1997-10Effect of silica and low viscosity solvents in PAN gel polymer electrolyte used in lithium polymer secondary battery윤준영; 김형선; 이희우; 조병원; 조원일; 윤경석
2012-10Effects of LiNO3 additive on the electrochemical properties of lithium-sulfur batteries김형선
1995-02Electrical and optical properties of electrochromic window with both lithium and proton conducting polymer electrolytic media.조원일; 윤경석; 조병원; 박성용; 이철환; 김형선; 안춘호; 우경근
2000-10Electrocarboxylation of 1-chloronaphtalene in supercritical CO2 초임계 CO2를 이용한 1-chloronaphtalene의 전해카르복실화반응박지영; 이윤우; 김재덕; 김형선; 임종성
2003-10Electrochemical and physical properties of composite polymer electrolyte of poly(methyl methacrylate) and poly(ethylene glycol diacrylate)김형선; 금경수; 조원일; 조병원; 이희우
2001-12Electrochemical behavior of lithium-iron oxide electrode and measurement of chemical diffusion coefficient of lithium이정준; 정원중; 주재백; 손태원; 조원일; 조병원; 김형선
2001-11Electrochemical behavior of lithium-iron oxide electrode and measurement of chemical diffusion coefficient of lithium이정준; 정원중; 주재백; 손태원; 조원일; 조병원; 김형선
2009-05Electrochemical behavior of Si/Cu/graphite composite anode for lithium secondary battery김형선; 정경윤; 조원일; 조병원
1996-06Electrochemical characteristics and physical properties of poly(ethylene oxide)-Li based polymer electrolyte김형선; 조병원; 윤경석; 전해수
2010-05Electrochemical Characteristics of Assembled-Graphite/DSA Electrode for Redox Flow Battery김형선
2009-07Electrochemical Characteristics of Carbon-coated Si/Cu/graphite Composite Anode김형선; 정경윤; 조원일; 조병원
2010-05Electrochemical characteristics of lithium vanadium oxide for lithium secondary battery김형선; 조병원
2012-06Electrochemical Performances of Lithium Vanadium Oxide(Li1.1V0.9O2) as Anode of Lithium Ion Batteries안주현; 김형선
2008-10Electrochemical Performances of Si/Cu/Graphite Composite Anode with Different Polymer Binders김형선; 정경윤; 조병원
2005-09Electrochemical Proeprties of Silicone Anodes for Lithium Rechargeable Battery김형선; 조병원; 조원일; 이중기
1996-01Electrochemical properties and performance of poly(acrylonitrile)-based polymer electrolyte for Li/LiCoO//2 cells.조병원; 윤경석; 김형선; 김정택; 전해수
2008-02Electrochemical properties and structural analysis of carbon-coated silicon anode for lithium secondary batteries김형선; 정경윤; 조병원
2011-10Electrochemical Properties of Binary Electrolytes for Lithium-sulfur Batteries김형선; 정창식
2009-05Electrochemical Properties of Carbon and Copper-coated Si/Graphite Composite Anode김형선; 정경윤; 조원일; 조병원
2008-06Electrochemical properties of carbon-coated Si/B composite anode for lithium-ion batteries김형선; 정경윤; 조병원
2009-03Electrochemical properties of carbon-coated Si/B composite anode for lithium ion batteries김형선; 정경윤; 조병원
2011-02Electrochemical properties of graphite-based electrodes for redox flow batteries김형선
2010-09Electrochemical properties of graphite/DSA-assembled electrode for redox flow battery김형선
2012-01Electrochemical Properties of Li1.1V0.75W0.075Mo0.075O2/Graphite Composite Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries김형선; 김상옥; 김용태; 정지권; 나병기; 이중기