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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-03Batch procedure for evaluation of biological phosphorus removal in the intermittently decanted extended aeration process박기영; 안규홍; 송경근; 이재우
1999-08Biotreatability of diesel compounds in a contaminated soil염익태; 이상현; 안규홍
1998-03Characteristics of backwashing factors in ultrafiltration for wastewater reclamation안규홍; 송경근
1995-03Characteristics of different prepolymerized coagulants on residual aluminium concentration in drinking water treatment.곽종운; 안규홍; Rolf Nilsson
1998-04Characteristics of removal of ions in nickel plating rinse water using low pressure nanofiltration송경근; 안규홍; 차호영; 박은수; 염익태
1989-12Compact RBC-settling tank system: organic removal, suspended solids settling and sludge stabilization안규홍; 장재수
2000-06Comparison of water quality models for prediction of nutrients in Lake Paldang박경철; 안규홍; 염익태; 강선홍
2006-10Compressible synthetic dual-medium filtration of wastewater effluents for water reuse맹승규; 안규홍; 김기팔; 송경근; 박기영
1996-09Dissolution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from complex mixture in a contaminated soil.염익태; 안규홍
2001-12Economic feasibility of ozonation process for wastewater sludge treatment안규홍; 박기영; 이재우; 맹승규; 황종혁; 송경근; 정민우; 이용훈
1998-01Effect of soil venting on dissolution potential of gasoline components in contaminated soil : 2. modeling approach염익태; 이상현; 허상철; 안규홍
1998-07Effect of soil venting on dissolution potential of gasoline components in contaminated soil: experimental observation염익태; 이상현; 안규홍
2002-12Effects of operation parameters on critical flux during submerged-type membrane filtration system김준성; 안규홍
1995-01Estimations of flow rates of major tributaries in the lower stream of the Paldang Dam for water quality management.서동일; 최상일; 안규홍
1999-01Factors affecting nitrite build-up in an intermittently decanted extended aeration process for wastewater treatment안규홍; 박기영; 이형집
2002-09Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrix (FEEM) 특성을 이용한 하수원수 및 처리수 중의 COD로 표현한 유기성분 모니터링이석헌; 김종석; 안규홍
1997-01In situ surfactant flushing of contaminated site염익태; 안규홍
1986-05Investigation on source strength to Acid rain in the Seoul area안규홍; 신응배; 이상권
2002-12Microbial community structure and treatment characteristics of domestic wastewater in the intermittently aerated membrane bioreactor임병란; 안규홍
2003-10Microbial community structure in the soils contaminated by dioxins using quinone profiles.임병란; 안규홍; 후지에 코이찌
1999-03Microfiltration of septic tank effluent for wastewater reuse안규홍; 송경근; 염익태
2003-11Monitoring of micropollutnats in Kyung-an stream and evaluation of removal efficiency by advanced oxidation proceses김경숙; 오병수; 주설; 정봉철; 안규홍; 강준원
1996-03PAC pretreatment for ultrafiltration of RBC effluent.안규홍; 박준홍; 권지향; 김형수; 곽종운
1989-12Performance evaluation of conventional and modified rotating biological contactor.안규홍; 장재수
1996-09Phosphorus removal in soil under static system: effect of agitation.이승환; 안규홍
1997-10Phosphorus removal using steel industry by-products : Effects of agitation and foreign material이승환; S. Vigneswaran; 안규홍
1997-10Phosphorus transport in saturated soil columns : Sorption isotherm and mobility of phosphorus이승환; 안규홍
2003-04Photocatalytic degradation of polyvinyl alcohol using UV/ZnO.정민우; 김기팔; 안규홍; 서정권; 이정민; 이준재; 팽기정
2003-09Preparation of indicator organism using molecular technique and application of water quality monitoring.이상민; Mark M. Clark; Robert A. Sanford; 이의신; 안규홍