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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-09Bi-substitution-induced magnetic moment distribution in spinel BixCo2−N. E. Rajeevan; Ravi Kumar; D. K. Shukla; P. Thakur; N. B. Brookes; 채근화; 최원국; Sanjeev Gautam; S. K. Arora; I. V. Shvets; P. P. Pradyumnan
2011-02Bistable Organic Memory Device with Gold Nanoparticles Embedded in a Conducting Poly(N-vinylcarbazole) Colloids Hybrids손동익; 박동희; 김종빈; 최지원; 김태환; Basavaraj Angadi; 이연진; 최원국
2015Black phosphorus saturable absorber for ultrafast mode-locked pulse laser via evanescent field interaction박기철; 이준수; 이영택; 최원국; 이주한; 송용원
2009-05Blue Luminescent Center in Undoped ZnO Thin Films Grown by Plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy김종빈; 노영수; 변동진; 박동희; 최원국
2022-01Blue-Light Emissive Type II ZnO@5-Amino-2-Naphthalene Sulfonic Acid Core-Shell Qunatum Dots최원국; 박수형; 김홍희; Heebin Lee; Jeung Ku Kang
2018-07Bottom-Up Synthesis of Carbon Quantum Dots With High Performance Photo- and Electroluminescence최원국; 원성옥; 이연주; 김홍희; Chan Ho Park; Seunggun Yu; Cheolmin Park; Won-Seon Seo
1998-11BS/channeling studies on the epitaxially grown Pt(111) films on Al//2O//3(0001)이종철; 김신철; 김효배; 정광호; 김긍호; 최원국; 송종한
1997-08BS/channeling studies on the heteroepitaxially grown Y2O3 films on Si substrates by UHV-ICB deposition김효배; 조만호; 황보상우; 최성창; 최원국; 오정아; 송종한; 황정남
2014-02Carbon Nanotube/Silver Nanowire Multilayer for Low Haze Transparent Conductive Films for Flexible Touch Screen민형섭; 김상식; 최원국; 오영제; 이전국
2011-11Carrier tranport mechanisms of hybrid ZnO nanorod-polymer LEDs손동익; 권병욱; 박동희; 양정도; 최원국
2009-05Carrier transport in flexible organic bistable devices of ZnO nanoparticles embedded in an insulating poly(methyl methacrylate) polymer layer손동익; 박동희; 최원국; 조성환; 김원태; 김태환
2013-11Carrier transport mechanisms of hybrid ZnO nanorod-polymer LEDs조성재; 권병욱; 손동익; 최원국
2014-07Carrier transport mechanisms of hybrid ZnO nanorod-polymer LEDs조성재; 이규승; 손동익; 오영제; 최원국; Basavaraj Angadi
2014-04Carrier transport of inverted quantum dot LED with PEIE polymer손동익; 김홍희; 황도경; 서진원; 조성재; 최원국
2014-02Carrier transport of Quantum Dot LED with Low-Work Function PEIE Polymer이규승; 손동익; 손수연; 신동헌; 배수강; 최원국
2014-11Carrier transport of Quantum Dot LED with Low-Work Function PEIE Polymer이규승; 손동익; 최원국
1999-01Ceramic surface modification by a keV ion irradiation최원국; 최성창; 정형진; 고석근
1996-01Changes of wettability and surface energy of polymer by keV Ar+ ion irradiation조준식; 최원국; 윤기현; 정형진; 고석근
1996-01Characteristics of a 5-cm convex-type grid ion-beam source for Ar gas고석근; 최원국; 송석균; 장홍규; 정형진; C.K. Choi; L. Gontcharov
1996-01Characteristics of a metal ion source for fabricating Sn metal in an O2 environment송석균; 최원국; 정형진; 고석근; 백홍구
2011-10Characteristics of Al:doped ZnO thin films by HIPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron sputtering) with unbalanced magnetron박동희; 양정도; 최지원; 최원국
2010-10Characteristics of Al:doped ZnO Thin Films by HIPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) with Unbalanced Magnetron박동희; 양정도; 홍태우; 최지원; 최원국
1990-01Characteristics of an ionized cluster beam deposition system최원국; 김기원; 황정남; Hong Su Choe; Seong Jin Cho; Seong Soo Kim; Kwang Ho Jeong
1997-06Characteristics of cold hollow cathode ion-beam source for oxygen gas고석근; 조정; 최원국; S. C. Choi; Y. S. Yoon; 정형진
2007-10Characteristics of large area ITO/PET fabricated by vacuum web coater김지환; 박동희; 김종빈; 변동진; 최원국
2003-04Characteristics of MIS capacitors using Ta2O5 films deposited on ZnO/p-Si노영수; S. Charrerjee; S. Nandi; S.K. Samanta; C.K. Maiti; S. Maikap; 최원국
1996-01Characteristics of PbTiO//3 thin film on Pt/Ti/SiO//2/Si by continuous cooling process.윤영수; 최원국; J. H. Kim; S. J. Lee
2003-07Characteristics of ultrathin HfO2 gate dielectrics on strained-Di0.74Ge0.26 layers이재훈; S. Maikpa; 김도윤; R. Mahapatra; S. K. Ray; 노영수; 최원국
1999-07Characteristics of ZnO/diamond thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering박용욱; 윤석진; 이재갑; 백영준; 김현재; 정형진; 최원국; 조봉희; 박창엽
2009-05Characterization of Al-Doped ZnO Thin Film Grown on Buffer Layer with RF Magnetron Sputtering Method노영수; 박동희; 김태환; 최지원; 최원국