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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08Quantum cascade lasers with Y2O3 insulation layer operating at 8.1 um한일기; 송진동; 박준서; 강준현; 양현덕; 이송이; 정신영; 주범수; 김지훈; 한문섭
2020-03Self-Powered Visible?Invisible Multiband Detection and Imaging Achieved Using High-Performance 2D MoTe2/MoS2 Semivertical Heterojunction Photodiodes박민철; 송진동; 황도경; 박수형; 김대연; 강지훈; 안대환; 최현태; 안종태; 김지훈; 김민주; 안일호; 박종배; 이연진; 임성일
2016-09Sex hormones establish a reserve pool of adult muscle stem cells최만호; 김지훈; 한기찬; 서지윤; 박인국; 박욱진; 정현우; 이수현; 배성환; 성진우; 염민규; 한상현; 권영근; 서대관; 공영윤
2019-02Shape and Composition Analysis of InxGa1-xAs Quantum Dots by Atom Probe Tomography박기훈; 안재평; 장혜정; 이지영; 김양희; 심철휘; 배지환; 김지훈
2014-09Simultaneous Enhancement of Solar Cell Efficiency and Photostability via Chemical Tuning of Electron Donating Units in Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Push-Pull Type Polymers류태인; 윤영운; 김지훈; 황도훈; 고민재; 이도권; 김진영; 김홍곤; 박남규; 김봉수; 손해정
2015-04Simultaneous enhancement of upconversion and downshifting luminescence via plasmonic structure이규태; 박종현; 권석준; 권현근; 김지훈; 곽경원; 장호성; 김수연; 한준수; 이승환; 신동훈; 고형덕; 한일기; 주병권; 권순홍; 고두현
2016-10Spin-Orbit Coupling Induced Coercivity Change at a Ferromagnet-Semiconductor Interface한석희; 구현철; 최원영; 김지훈
2015-05Stretchable Carbon Nanotube Charge-Trap Floating-Gate Memory and Logic Devices for Wearable Electronics손동희; 구자훈; 송준걸; 김재민; 이민철; 심형준; 박민준; 이민백; 김지훈; 김대형
2014-12Stretchable silicon nanoribbon electronics for skin prosthesis손동희; 김재민; 이민철; 심형준; 가파리 루즈벳; 조혜림; 정예환; 소민; 최창순; 정성묵; 주곤; 전대종; 이순태; 김지훈; 최승홍; 현택환; 김대형
2006-08Structue and interaction of urease accessory proteins김지훈; 원형식; 손나영; 안희철; 이봉진
2012-01Structural and biochemical characterization of HP0315 from Helicobacter pylori as a VapD protein with an endoribonuclease activity이인균; 권애란; 김지훈; 박성진; 이기영; 민유홍; 임후강; 이규연; 이봉진
2015-06Structural and functional studies of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis VapBC30 toxin-antitoxin system: implications for the design of novel antimicrobial peptides이인균; 이상재; 제수산나; 이기영; 김지훈; 이봉진
2013-02Structural Characterization of HP1264 Reveals a Novel Fold for the Flavin Mononucleotide Binding Protein이인균; 이기영; 김지훈; 이규연; 이지윤; 배예지; 이봉진
2004-01Structural evolution of cold rolled multi-layers in the Al-Cu-Fe system박준식; 에릭플러리; 김지훈; 장혜정; 김원태; 김도향
2010-11Structural evolution of PAN fiber in stabilization and carbonization김지훈; 송해경; 정용식; 구본철; 김준경; 이성호
2012-04Structural Evolution of Polyacrylonitrile Fibers in Stabilization and Carbonization이성호; 김지훈; 구본철; 김준경; 조한익
2015-04Structure-based functional identification of Helicobacter pylori HP0268 as a nuclease with both DNA nicking and RNase activities이인균; 이기영; 이규연; 김지훈; 이성희; 심대원; 원형식; 이봉진
2021-02Sulfur-doped carbon nanotubes as a conducting agent in supercapacitor electrodes양철민; 고영일; 김지훈; Yoong Ahm Kim; Keun Soo Kim
2021-08Sulfur-doping effects on the supercapacitive behavior of porous spherical graphene electrode derived from layered double hydroxide template양철민; 김창효; 김지훈; 위재형; 전우식; 김융암
2019-04Surface-Controlled Molecular Self-Alignment in Polymer Actuators for Flexible Microrobot Applications김진석; 손동희; 김준식; 장민수; 김지훈; 배도현; 김민준; 김용태; 엄숭호; 김용호
2019-07Surface-modified PVdF-derived hierarchical mesoporous carbon matrix for high sulfur loading cathode in lithium-sulfur batteries김상옥; 최원창; 김형석; 김지훈; 변동진
2016-03Synergistic nanomedicine by combined gene and photothermal therapy정철현; 김진환; 김지훈; 김원종
2021-10Synthesis of graphene quantum dots-coated hierarchical CuO microspheres composite for use as binder-free anode for lithium-ion batteries양철민; 장우리; 김종민; 김지훈
2004-09Synthesis of icosahedral phase during cold working and annealing of elemental multilayers in the Al-Cu-Fe ternary system박준식; 에릭플러리; 김지훈; 장혜정; 김원태; 김도향; 이스훙
2021-02The hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis controls muscle stem cell senescence through autophagosome clearance최만호; 김지훈; 박인국; 신희재; 이준우; 유규상; 한상헌; 강종설; 박지언; 김예린; 문주연; 공영윤; Ji­Yun Seo; Young­Woo Jo
2014-01Thieno[3,2-b]thiophene-Substituted Benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b']dithiophene as a Promising Building Block for Low Bandgap Semiconducting Polymers for High-Performance Single and Tandem Organic Photovoltaic Cells김지훈; 송창은; 김봉수; 강인남; 신원석; 황도훈
2019-09Towards skyrmion dynamics in synthetic antiferromagnetic multilayers using Lorentz TEM이병철; 최준우; 장혜정; 송경미; 박진수; 노형래; 이찬기; 정주영; 권희영; 김지훈
2019-11Towards Skyrmion Dynamics using in-situ Lorentz TEM장혜정; 노형래; 정주영; 김지훈
2015-01Transparent and Stretchable Interactive Human Machine Interface Based on Patterned Graphene Heterostructures손동희; 임수민; 김재민; 이영범; 송준걸; 최수지; 이동준; 김지훈; 이민백; 현택환; 김대형
2016-01Ultrasensitive PbS quantum-dot-sensitized InGaZnO hybrid photoinverter for near-infrared detection and imaging with high photogain최원국; 박민철; 송진동; 황도경; 손동익; 김지훈; 이영택; 유태희; 김홍희; 이윤재; 이희성; Seyed Hossein Shokouh; 이준영; 남승희; 주병권; 임성일