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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07A Facile, One-Step Nanocarbon Functionalization for Biomedical Applications최기영; Magdalena Swierczewska; Edward L. Mertz; Xinglu Huang; Fan Zhang; Lei Zhu; 박재형; Ashwinkumar Bhirde; 이슬기; Xiaoyuan Chen; Hong Yeol Yoon
2014-08A nanoparticle formula for delivering siRNA or miRNAs to tumor cells in cell culture and in vivo최기영; Oscar F Silvestre; Xinglu Huang; Naoki Hida; Gang Liu; Don N Ho; 이슬기; 이상욱; 홍종인; Xiaoyuan Chen
2014-05Design Considerations of Iron-Based Nanoclusters for Non-Invasive Tracking of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Homing최기영; Xinglu Huang; Fan Zhang; Yu Wang; Xiaolian Sun; Dingbin Liu; 최진실; 신태현; 천진우; Gang Niu; Xiaoyuan Chen
2013-07Effect of injection routes on the biodistribution, clearance, and tumor uptake of carbon dots최기영; Xinglu Huang; Fan Zhang; Lei Zhu; Ning Guo; Jinxia Guo; Kenneth Tackett; Parambath Anilkumar; Gang Liu; Qimeng Quan; 최학수; Gang Niu; Ya-Ping Sun; 이슬기; Xiaoyuan Chen
2013-02Mesenchymal stem cell-based cell engineering with multifunctional mesoporous silica nanoparticles for tumor delivery최기영; Xinglu Huang; Fan Zhang; Hui Wang; Gang Niu; Magdalena Swierczewska; Guofeng Zhang; Haokao Gao; Zhe Wang; Lei Zhu; 최학수; 이슬기; Xiaoyuan Chen
2012-02Multiplex imaging of an intracellular proteolytic cascade by using a broad-spectrum nanoquencherXinglu Huang; Magdalena Swierczewska; 최기영; Lei Zhu; Ashwinkumar Bhirde; 박진우; 김광명; Jin Xie; Gang Niu; 이강춘; 이슬기; Xiaoyuan Chen
2012-10Real-time monitoring of caspase cascade activation in living cells최기영; Lei Zhu; Xinglu Huang; Ying Ma; Fan Zhang; Gang Liu; 이슬기; Xiaoyuan Chen
2014-01The genotype-dependent influence of functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes on fetal development최기영; Xinglu Huang; Fan Zhang; Xiaolian Sun; Gang Niu; Guofeng Zhang; Jinxia Guo; 이슬기; Xiaoyuan Chen
2014-05Versatile RNA-Interference Nanoplatform for Systemic Delivery of RNAs최기영; Oscar F. Silvestre; Xinglu Huang; 민경현; Gregory P. Howard; Naoki Hida; Albert J. Jin; Nicole Carvajal; 이상욱; 홍종인; Xiaoyuan Chen