Conference Paper

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01Substrate-Biasing Effect on the Operation of Multi-layer MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors with h-BN Dielectric이동수; 전대영; 손장엽; 박민; 정원준; 박지민; 박창선
2022-01Hierarchical Heterostructured Anode Materials for High-Performance Sodium-Ion Batteries김상옥; 임효준
2021-12Computed tomography vertebral segmentation from multi-vendor scanner data이득희; 서현석; 오우잔 베캬르; 김채우; 박상민
2021-12Measuring balance in stroke patients using acceleration data from lower extremities윤인찬; 한성민; 황소리; 성주환; 박희수
2021-11Vision-based human joint angular velocity estimation during squat and walking on a treadmill actions김진욱; 문경률; 정다운; 콘키 스라반 쿠마르; 앙크자야 잠스란도르; 이대현
2021-11Vision-Based Gait Events Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks김진욱; 문경률; 콘키 스라반 쿠마르; 박미나; 뉴옌 마우 덩; 앙크자야 잠스란도르
2021-11Personal Identification Using Gait Spectrograms and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks김진욱; 문경률; 아샤드 무함마드 지샨; 정다운; 뉴옌 마우 덩
2021-11Gait-based Human Identification through Minimum Gait-phases and Sensors김진욱; 문경률; 아샤드 무함마드 지샨; 정다운; 박미나
2021-11Gait-based Frailty Assessment using Image Representation of IMU Signals and Deep CNN김진욱; 문경률; 아샤드 무함마드 지샨; 정다운; 박미나; 신형은
2021-11A Study on the Contribution of Medial and Lateral Longitudinal Foot Arch to Human Gait김진욱; 문경률; 정다운; 유성근; 정희은
2021-11Radial microstructure development of polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-based carbon fibers이성호; 이정은; 최지원; 이동제; 채한기
2021-05Effect of oxidation on mechanical properties of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibers이성호; 장다원; 최지원
2021-11Converting crosslinked polyethylene waste into activated carbon materials and their electrochemical properties as supercapacitor electrodes이성호; 김성수; 조세연; 박성인; 양인찬; 이관원; 이예림
2021-11A flame retardant material for a building material using waste cotton fabric이성호; 장다원
2021-11Effect of electrochemical oxidation on morphology of carbon fiber in acidic, neutral, and alkaline media이성호; 이윤기; 이소라; 조한익; 엄광섭
2021-10Development of an ultrasensitive colorimetric detection method of Cr2O72?ions with a colorimetric sensor based on gold nano flower particles이강봉; 남윤식; 윤수진
2021-11Cognitive Enhanced PDR Technology using PDR Path Analysis in Various Motion Environment이택진; 신범주; 이정호; 경한결; 유창수; 김태훈; 강충구
2021-11Interfacial Modification of Sn by Silicon Oxycarbide Layer for High-Performance Sodium-Ion Battery Anode김상옥; 임효준
2020-11Influence of carbon binder on the decomposition and rejuvenation of NCM711 cathodes composites with argyrodite electrolyte in all-solid-state batteries안재평; 김혜령; 김홍규; 이예빈; 이규준; 이현정
2020-11Classification of Space Groups of Inorganic Materials Using Deep Learning in Electron Diffraction김홍규; 박수형; 이병현; 임민아; 임수연