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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04Recent progress and challenges in biological degradation and biotechnological valorization of lignin as an emerging source of bioenergy: A state-of-the-art review공경택; 박권우; 주정찬; 송진주; 이지예; 이준표; 김희택; 류미희; Ranjna Sirohi; Xinshu Zhuang; 민경선
2021-12Recent Advances in the Understanding of Specific Efferent Pathways Emerging From the Cerebellum게이코 야마모토; 유키오 야마모토; 박희연; 백수지; 전소영; 강슬기
2017-07Innovative nanosensor for disease diagnosis장지수; 김상준; 최선진; 조희진; 김일두
2015-033D hydrogel scaffold doped with 2D graphene materials for biosensors and bioelectoronics송현석; 권오석; 김재홍; Joso Conde; Natalie Artzi
2020-12Nanoparticle Ex-solution for Supported Catalysts: Materials Design, Mechanism and Future Perspectives장지수; 김준혁; 김준규; Jiapeng Liu; Antonino Curcio; 김일두; Francesco Ciucci; 정우철
2019-08Metal-organic frameworks for chemiresistive sensors장지수; 구원태; 김일두
2021-07Selective and sensitive environmental gas sensors enabled by membrane overlayers장지수; Lea R WInter; 김창우; John D. Fortner; Menachem Elimelech
2021-12Applications and Limitations of Chiral Derivatives김경환
2021-12Differences in the Electrochemical Performance of Pt-Based Catalysts Used for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells in Liquid Half- and Full-Cells박현서; 안치영; 박지은; 김성준; 김옥희; 황원창; 허민; 강선영; 박성빈; 권오중; 조용훈; 성영은
2021-11리튬이온전지 고에너지밀도 구현을 위한 화학적 사전리튬화 기술홍지현
2021-07Two-dimensional materials for electromagnetic shielding구종민; 프라딥 삼비얼; 샤자드 파이잘; 아미르 이크발; 홍준표
2021-04Bioactive Compounds Isolated from Pinus densiflora and koraiensis and their Applications엄병헌; 김남희; 윤순권; 김정원
2021-11anticancer effects of seaweed-derived bioactive compounds이재욱; Heesu Lee; Basakr Selvaraj
2021-07Highly Flame Retardant Polyurethane정용채; 김영남; 류수연; 정현승
2021-11Natural rubber-based polymer blends and composites정용채; 김영남
2021-10강유전체 기반 시냅스 소자의 최근 연구 동향곽준영; 노기창
2021-08The therapeutic potential of immune cell-derived exosomes as an alternative to adoptive cell transfer김인산; 홍연선
2021-01The right Timing, right combination, right sequence, and right delivery for Cancer immunotherapy김인산; 남기훈; 권민수; 정한울
2021-11Non-Cell Autonomous and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Huntington's Disease류훈; Ali Yousefian Jazi; 김채빈; 최승혜; 장인영; 이정희
2021-02Power failure of mitochondria and oxidative stress in neurodegeneration and its computational models류훈; Ali Yousefian Jazi; 현승재; JunHyuk Woo; Hyesun Cho; YunHee Seol; Soon Ho Kim; Chanhyeok Park; Junghee Lee