Overview of the KoRIA Facility for Rare Isotope Beams

Overview of the KoRIA Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
J.K. AhnB.H. ChoiS.H. HwangS.H. KimC.H. LeeH.S. LeeJ.Y. ParkS.Y. RyuI.-K. YooS.Y. YuS.I. BakJ.-S. ChaiH.J. ChoiJang Min HanS.-W. HongD. JeongY. KadiD.Y. KimJ.T. KimB.N. LeeS.D. LeeV.K. ManchandaJ.H. OhJ.A. ParkT.-S. ParkH. SakaiJ.W. ShinS.W. ShinH.S. SongC. TenreiroZ. TongY.K. YangY.H. YeonY. BlumenfeldB.-G. CheonC. I. ChoiD. Y. JangB. H. KangY. K. KimM. S. RyuM.-K. CheounE. J. HaC. Y. RyuD. ChoB. HongG. JhangE. JooKyong Sei LeeK. S. SimY. S. ChoJ. H. HaJae Min HanI. G. KimC. W. LeeY.-O. LeeB. H. OhS. H. ParkT. Y. SongE. M. ChoiM. S. ChoiS. K. LeeS. ChoiT. K. ChoiY. S. ChoiD. L. KimK. H. ChungD. U. KimS. K. KoK. O. LeeY. Y. LeeW. NamkungH. J. SeoW. J. YiI. S. HahnA. KimW. HongG. D. Kim김준곤H. J. WooC. H. HyunJ. JangS. KimH.-R. YangD. JeonS.-H. KimS.-C. JeongH. S. KangE. J. KimH.-Ch. KimJ. W. KimW. KimY. OhM. KwonY. K. KwonC. S. LeeJ. H. LeeC. C. YunB. Y. LeeH. J. LeeY. S. LeeW.-Y. ParkH.-S. LeeK. H. ParkKang Seog LeeS. D. LeeS. H. LeeV. K. ManchandaC. B. MoonS. NamB. G. YuJ. A. NolenB. Y. ParkH. SakaiY. YanoP. SiggW. Y. SoB. J. SuhC. TenreiroR. E. TribbleD. H. Yu
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Few-body systems
VOL 54, NO 1-4, 197-204
The Korea Rare Isotope Accelerator, currently referred to as KoRIA, is briefly presented. The KoRIA facility is aimed to enable cutting-edge sciences in a wide range of fields. It consists of a 70 kW isotope separator on-line (ISOL) facility driven by a 70 MeV, 1 mA proton cyclotron and a 400 kW in-flight fragmentation (IFF) facility. The ISOL facility uses a superconducting (SC) linac for post-acceleration of rare isotopes up to about 18 MeV/u, while the SC linac of IFF facility is capable of accelerating uranium beams up to 200 MeV/u, 8 pμA and proton beams up to 600 MeV, 660 μA. Overall features of the KoRIA facility are presented with a focus on the accelerator design.
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