Analysis of alkoxyalcohols in wet wipes using by HS-GC-MS

Analysis of alkoxyalcohols in wet wipes using by HS-GC-MS
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Alkoxyalcohols are synthetic solvent known as modified alcohols. These solvents have the advantage in industrial product such as wet wipes, cleaning applications, paints, plastic, cosmetics because of their balanced ability to dissolve polar and nonpolar substances irrespectively. However, metabolites of alkoxyalcohols are reported toxicity to human. The aims of the present study were to develop the analysis method concerning different alkoxyalcohols in wet wipes using headspace extraction combined gas chromatography mass spectrometry(HS-GC-MS). This study carried out in selected ion monitoring(SIM) mode in order to better the detection sensitivity. We experimentally compared three factor which affect head space extraction for influence of ionic strength, incubation temperature and time. The extract condition was 1.5 g of NaCl, 90 ℃ of incubation temperature and 40 min incubation time. The calibration curves were obtain analysing standard solution and show good linearity with correlation coefficient over 0.99. The range of concentration studied were 2 ngmL-1 - 5 µgmL-1. The limits of detection(LOD) is 2 - 20 ngml-1. The accuracy and precision of the method determined as the repeatability(n=5) of three concentration levels within and between days. This method is simple, rapid and convenient for analysis of volatile compounds.
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