Electroflotation clarifier to enhance nitrogen removal in a two-stage alternating aeration bioreactor

Electroflotation clarifier to enhance nitrogen removal in a two-stage alternating aeration bioreactor
조강우Chong Min ChungYun Jung KimMichael R. HoffmannTai Hak Chung
wastewater treatment; alternating aeration bioreactor; electroflotation; activated sludge; nitrogen removal
Issue Date
Environmental technology
VOL 34, NO 19, 2765-2772
Stringent water treatment criteria and rapidly growing pollutant loads provoke the demand for retrofitting wastewater treatment plants towards a higher capacity. In this study, we assess a two stage alternating aeration (AA) bioreactor equipped with electroflotation (EF) clarifier, for nitrogen removal within a short hydraulic reTENTion time (HRT). The EF under steady solids loading required a minimum unit height and gas:solids ratio of 0.006 for efficient clarification. The separated sludge blanket was further thickened with retaining stability when the cyclic solids loading was smaller than 1.0 kg m−2. In the continuous operation of the bioreactor, the returned activated sludge concentration increased to more than 18,000 mg L−1, while the effluent suspended solids concentration was lowered below 5 mg L−1. Under influent chemical oxygen demand (COD)/total inorganic nitrogen (TIN) concentration of 300/30 mg L−1, the TIN removal efficiency was near 70% with cycle time ratios of 0.17 and 0.27. Under higher influent COD concentration of 500 mg L−1, TIN removal efficiency was found to be 73.4% at a carbon:nitrogen (C:N) ratio of 10 and even higher (80.4%) at a C:N ratio of 16.6. The increased mixed liquor suspended solids concentrations (>6000 mg L−1) under the high COD loading were efficiently maintained by using the EF clarifier. The results of this study demonstrate that an EF clarifier with a HRT of less than 1 h can support reliable nitrogen removal in the AA process that has a HRT of 6 h, even under increasing influent loadings.
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