The qualitative rate estimation of PAHs in carbon compounds of particles in vehicles exhaust gas

The qualitative rate estimation of PAHs in carbon compounds of particles in vehicles exhaust gas
TOT method; PAHs; PM10; OC/EC; vehicles
Issue Date
한국대기환경학회지; Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment
VOL 30, NO 5, 449-460
Since the emergence of domestically produced automobiles in 1964, the number of automobiles in circulation in South Korea has increased constantly. With this rapidly increasing number of automobiles, automobile-induced environmental pollution has become an issue of great concern, especially with regard to air pollution. Of the carbon composites contained in automobile exhaust gas, PAHs are known to be carcinogenic and highly deleterious to humans and thus need to be urgently mitigated. To address this issue of PAHs, this study was conducted to estimate qualitative of particulate PAHs contained in carbon composites in automobile exhaust gas, by capturing all particulate matter discharged from the latter. To allow for differentiated analyses, the automobiles investigated were divided into 4 groups: gasoline vehicle, motocycle, diesel vehicle, and LPG vehicle. Samples were analyzed using two methods. First, in-depth analysis was performed on organic carbon (OC) and elemental carbon (EC) composites with analysis parameters, using the Thermal Optical Transmittance Method (NIOSH 5040). Second, for the examination of particulate PAHs, GC/MSD was used to analyze the 16 PAH species specified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The analyses yielded the findings that diesel vehicles had the highest mass concentration (2,007 μg/m3), followed by motocycle (1,066 μg/m3), LPG vehicle (392 μg/m3), and gasoline vehicles (270 μg/m3). The highest carbon concentrations in total particulate matter by vehicle weight were produced from LPG vehicle (79.8%), followed by gasoline vehicle (77.4%), motocycle (69.8%), and diesel vehicle (59.1%).
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