Tuning and Characterizing Nanocellulose Interface for Enhanced Removal of Dual-Sorbate (As-V and Cr-VI) from Water Matrices

Tuning and Characterizing Nanocellulose Interface for Enhanced Removal of Dual-Sorbate (As-V and Cr-VI) from Water Matrices
채근화Jitendra Pal SinghAmarendra Dhar DwivediNaresh D. SanandiyaSyed M. HusnainDong Soo HwangYoon-Seok Chang
Dopamine; Hematite; Heavy metals; Nanocellulose; Water treatment
Issue Date
ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering
VOL 5, NO 1-528
Cellulose nanofiber (CNF) is one of the emerging green candidates for the various domains due to its sustainability, abundance availability, and high surface area. However, its effectiveness in the environmental aspect of toxic heavy metal removal required improvement by tuning the interface between CNF and heavy metals, and by understanding removal mechanisms. Herein, we synthesized four types of surface-functionalized CNF from waste coffee-filters for enhanced uptake of AsV and CrVI in the different water matrices. Among them, Fe3+-cross-linked CNF-Fe2O3 (FF) and mussel-inspired dopamine conjugated CNF (DP) demonstrated significant performance in water treatment for AsV and CrVI, respectively, than commercial activated carbon based adsorbents. Combined X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy (XANES), extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) spectroscopy, and data fitting elucidated the complexation mode of AsV and CrVI to each CNF derivative which suggested that AsV binds through a bidentate-binuclear complex and that CrVI binds to catecholic OH as a trinuclear complex. Simultaneously, the transformation of harmful CrVI into nontoxic CrIII was observed in DP which supports their potential practical applications. Taken together, our comprehensive data not only provide the material fabrication, interface behavior, and impact of water quality parameters in simulated and real contaminated waters but also explore the holistic understanding of the heavy metal removal mechanism and adsorbate– adsorbent interfacial interaction of these novel CNF derivatives.
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