The spin structures of interlayer coupled magnetic films with opposite chirality

The spin structures of interlayer coupled magnetic films with opposite chirality
민병철최준우S.P. KangN.J. KimH.Y. KwonChangyeon Won
Chiral magnetism; Antiferromagnetic Coupling
Issue Date
Scientific Reports
VOL 8-2361-10
Using Monte-Carlo simulations and micromagnetic simulations, we reveal how the spin structural correlation and the skyrmion dynamics are affected by the interlayer coupling in a chiral magnetic bilayer system, in which the two layers have opposite chirality. The interaction through interlayer coupling between chiral magnetic structures influences the static and dynamics properties profoundly. The competition between the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and the interlayer interaction allows multiple magnetic structures to be energetically stable, which includes sole skyrmion states (skyrmion appears in only one of the layers) and skyrmion pair states (coupled skyrmions in top and bottom layers). When current driven spin transfer torques are applied to each state, the sole skyrmion state is mainly propelled by a spin transfer torque causing the skyrmion hall effect, but the skyrmion pair state is propelled by a torque from skyrmion-skyrmion interaction and not influenced by the skyrmion hall effect. Also upon application of an external magnetic field, we found the skyrmions in a skyrmion pair state extinguish in an exclusive way, as the annihilation of a skyrmion in one of the layers stabilizes the once paired skyrmion in the other layer, i.e. the skyrmion lattice sites have only one skyrmion in either layer.
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