Multiscale Virtual Testing Machines of Concrete and Other Composite Materials: A Review

Multiscale Virtual Testing Machines of Concrete and Other Composite Materials: A Review
양범주Bezawit F. Haile박솔뫼이행기
virtual testing machines; concrete modeling; multiscale modeling; composites
Issue Date
한국전산구조공학회논문집 (Journal of the Computational Strutural Engineering Institute of Korea)
VOL 31, NO 4-181
Recently composite materials have dominated most engineering fields, owing to their better performance, increased durability and flexibility to be customized and designed for a specific required property. This has given them unprecedented superiority over conventional materials. With the help of the ever increasing computational capabilities of computers, researchers have been trying to develop accurate material models for the complex and integrated properties of these composites. This has led to advances in virtual testing of composite materials as a supplement or a possible replacement of laboratory experiments to predict the properties and responses of composite materials and structures. This paper presents a review on the complex multi-scale modelling framework of the virtual testing machines, which involve computational mechanics at various length-scales starting with nano-mechanics and ending in structure level computational mechanics, with a homogenization technique used to link the different length scales. In addition, the paper presents the features of some of the biggest integrated virtual testing machines developed for study of concrete, including a multiscale modeling scheme for the simulation of the constitutive properties of nanocomposites. Finally, the current challenges and future development potentials for virtual test machines are discussed.
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