Development of an augmented reality application for 3D object manipulation

Development of an augmented reality application for 3D object manipulation
Augmented reality; 3D Object; Surgery navigation; Anatomy education on AR environment
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ACDDE 2018 (Asian Conference on Design and Digital Engineering 2018)
Raugmented-reality (AR) has been increasingly attracting attention and is being developed at a rapid pace. AR is used not only in videos but also for a variety of content such as in entertainment and education. In this study, we propose an application that can utilize 3D objects as well as video using smart glasses. Smart glasses are a device wherein a rectangular screen is created in front of a user’s eyes when worn. There are two methods for tracking the location of the video or 3D object generated in the developed application: image tracking and instant tracking. The image tracking method is one wherein an operation is executed depending on an image when the registered image is viewed through smart glasses; to achieve this, a user-designated image must be registered in advance. The instant tracking method tracks the screen that the user is currently viewing and executes an action. The image tracking starts when you look at the image in the application. On the contrary, instant tracking creates an arbitrary button so that the action can be executed when the button is pressed. The generated 3D objects can be rotated, translated, zoomed in/out and can add explode/assembly functions. Moreover, it is possible to simultaneously load multiple 3D objects, and a button is added so that the user can view only the desired object. The file type of the loaded 3D object is either stl or ply. In the case of stl, the user can apply the desired rgb color. In the case of ply, it is possible to import face shapes and textures together using a file that utilizes a separate face scanner.
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