Efficient Generation of a Near-visible Frequency Comb via Cherenkov-like Radiation from a Kerr Microcomb

Efficient Generation of a Near-visible Frequency Comb via Cherenkov-like Radiation from a Kerr Microcomb
정호중Xiang GuoChang-Ling ZouZheng GongAlexander BruchLiang JiangHong X. Tang
Issue Date
Physical Review Applied
VOL 10, NO 1-014012-12
Optical frequency combs enable state-of-the-art applications including frequency metrology, optical clocks, astronomical measurements, and sensing. Recent demonstrations of microresonator-based Kerr frequency combs or microcombs pave the way to scalable and stable comb sources on a photonic chip. Generating microcombs in the short-wavelength range, however, has been limited by large material dispersion and optical loss. Here we demonstrate a scheme for efficiently generating microcombs near the edge of the visible spectrum in a high-Q aluminum nitride microring resonator. The enhanced Pockels effect strongly couples infrared and near-visible modes into hybrid mode pairs, which participate in the Kerr microcomb generation process and lead to strong Cherenkov-like radiation in the near-visible band an octave apart. A surprisingly high on-chip conversion efficiency of 22% is achieved from a pulsed pump laser to the near-visible comb. As a result of pulse pumping, the generated microcombs are in the chaotic state. We further demonstrate a robust frequency tuning of the near-visible comb by more than one free spectral range and apply it to the absorption spectroscopy of a water-based dye molecule solution. Our work is a step towards high-efficiency visible microcomb generation and its utilization, and it also provides insights into the significance of the Pockels effect and its strong coupling with Kerr nonlinearity in a single microcavity device.
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