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dc.contributor.authorMannan Saeed Muhammad-
dc.identifier.citationVOL 9, NO 16-3276-23-
dc.description.abstractRecovering three-dimensional (3D) shape of an object from two-dimensional (2D) information is one of the major domains of computer vision applications. Shape from Focus (SFF) is a passive optical technique that reconstructs 3D shape of an object using 2D images with di erent focus settings. When a 2D image sequence is obtained with constant step size in SFF, mechanical vibrations, referred as jitter noise, occur in each step. Since the jitter noise changes the focus values of 2D images, it causes erroneous recovery of 3D shape. In this paper, a new filtering method for estimating optimal image positions is proposed. First, jitter noise is modeled as Gaussian or speckle function, secondly, the focus curves acquired by one of the focus measure operators are modeled as a quadratic function for application of the filter. Finally, Kalman filter as the proposed method is designed and applied for removing jitter noise. The proposed method is experimented by using image sequences of synthetic and real objects. The performance is evaluated through various metrics to show the e ectiveness of the proposed method in terms of reconstruction accuracy and computational complexity. Root Mean Square Error (RMSE), correlation, Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR), and computational time of the proposed method are improved on average by about 48%, 11%, 15%, and 5691%, respectively, compared with conventional filtering methods.-
dc.publisherApplied Sciences-basel-
dc.subjectshape from focus (SFF)-
dc.subjectjitter noise-
dc.subjectfocus curve-
dc.subjectKalman filter-
dc.titleSampling Based on Kalman Filter for Shape from Focus in the Presence of Noise-
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