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dc.identifier.citationVOL 315-95-
dc.description.abstractPolymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) exhibit a wide power range, low operating temperature, high energy density and long life time. These advantages favor PEMFC for applications such as vehicle power sources, portable power, and backup power applications. With the push towards the commercialization of PEMFC, especially for portable power applications, the overall balance of plants (BOPs) of the systems should be minimized. To reduce the mass and complexity of the systems, air-breathing PEMFC stack design with open cathode channel configuration is being developed. However, the open cathode channel configuration incurs hydrogen leakage problem. In this study, the bonding strength of a silicon adhesive between the Nafion membrane and the carbon fiber/epoxy composite bipolar plate was measured. Then, an anode bipolar plate/membrane assembly unit which was bonded with the silicone adhesive was developed to solve the hydrogen leakage problem. The reliability of the anode bipolar plate/membrane assembly unit was estimated under the internal pressure of hydrogen by the FE analysis. Additionally, the gas sealability of the developed air breathing PEMFC unit cell was experimentally measured. Finally, unit cell performance of the developed anode bipolar plate/membrane assembly unit was tested and verified under operating conditions without humidity and temperature control.-
dc.publisherJournal of power sources-
dc.subjectAir breathing PEMFC-
dc.subjectOpen cathode configuration-
dc.subjectCarbon composite bipolar plate-
dc.subjectSilicone adhesive bonding-
dc.subjectAnode bipolar plate/membrane assembly unit-
dc.titleDevelopment of the anode bipolar plate/membrane assembly unit for air breathing PEMFC stack using silicone adhesive bonding-
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