4” freestanding diamond wafers for HEMT devices

4” freestanding diamond wafers for HEMT devices
diamond; wafer; Thermal management; HEMT
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EMRS 2019
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4” freestanding diamond wafers for HEMT devices Jae-Kap Lee Center for Opto-electronic Materials and Devices, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Seoul 02792, South Korea Due to the eminent physical properties of diamond, its successful synthesis by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) in 1980’s [1] has excited the scientists who study next-generation electronics. Diamond is the ultimate material not only as active devices [2], but also thermal spreaders for high power electronics. Recently, GaN-diamond high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) devices [3], where diamond is in charge of heat dissipation, become the issue for high power next-generation electronic devices. In this talk, I introduce multi (7)-cathode direct current plasma assisted CVD (MCDC PACVD) system for synthesis of 4” diamond wafers of ~1 mm in thickness [4] and its performance to deposit diamond as well as diamond-based carbon hybrid structures. We also introduce recent studies in KIST for diamond electronics, including single-crystal diamond growth, bandgap engineering of diamond [5] as well as diamond engineering for HEMT application (i.e., thermal managements). References 1. J. E. Butler & R. L. Woodin, Thin film diamond growth mechanisms. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A 342, 209-224 (1993). 2. C. J. H. Wort, & R.S. Balmer, Diamond as an electronic material. Materials Today 11, 22-28 (2008). 3. G. H. Jessen et al., AlGaN/GaN HEMT on diamond technology demonstration. Proc. IEEE Compound Semiconductor Integr. Circuit Symp., pp 271-274 (2016). 4. Lee, J.-K. et al. The large area deposition of diamond by the multi-cathode direct current plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition (DC PACVD) method. Diamond and Related Materials 11, 463-466 (2002). 5. Lee, J.-K. et al. A route to bandgap engineering of diamond, submitted.
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