Materials for hydrogen-based energy storage-past, recent progress and future outlook

Materials for hydrogen-based energy storage-past, recent progress and future outlook
조영환Michael HirscherVolodymyr A. YartysMarcello BarricoJose Bellosta von ColbeDidier BlanchardRobert C. Bowman Jr.Darren P. BroomCraig E. BuckleyFei ChangPing ChenJean-Claude CrivelloFermin CuevasWilliam I.F. DavidPetra E. de JonghRoman V. DenysMartin DornheimMichael FelderhoffYaroslav FilinchukGeorge E. FroudakisDavid M. GrantEvan MacA. GrayBjørn C. HaubackTeng HeTerry D. HumphriesTorben R. JensenSangryun KimYoshitsugu KojimaMichel LatrocheHai-Wen LiMykhaylo V. LototskyyJoshua W. MakepeaceKasper T. MøllerLubna NaheedPeter NgeneDag NoreusMagnus Moe NygardShin-ichi OrimoMark PaskeviciusLuca PasquiniDorthe B. RavnsbækM. Veronica SofianosTerrence J. UdovicTejs VeggeGavin S. WalkerColin J. WebbClaudia WeidenthalerClaudia Zlotea
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Journal of alloys and compounds
VOL 827, 153548
Globally, the accelerating use of renewable energy sources, enabled by increased efficiencies and reduced costs, and driven by the need to mitigate the effects of climate change, has significantly increased research in the areas of renewable energy production, storage, distribution and end-use. Central to this discussion is the use of hydrogen, as a clean, efficient energy vector for energy storage. This review, by experts of Task 32, “Hydrogen-based Energy Storage” of the International Energy Agency, Hydrogen TCP, reports on the development over the last 6 years of hydrogen storage materials, methods and techniques, including electrochemical and thermal storage systems. An overview is given on the background to the various methods, the current state of development and the future prospects. The following areas are covered; porous materials, liquid hydrogen carriers, complex hydrides, intermetallic hydrides, electrochemical storage of energy, thermal energy storage, hydrogen energy systems and an outlook is presented for future prospects and research on hydrogen-based energy storage.
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