Morphology and interconnected microstructure driven high rate capability of Li-rich layered oxide cathodes

Morphology and interconnected microstructure driven high rate capability of Li-rich layered oxide cathodes
채근화Vidyashree HebbarM. VijiAkshay Kumar BudumuruSanjeev GautamK. BalajiN. T. Kalyana SundaramA. K. SubramaniC. Sudakar
Li-rich layered oxides; LLO; microstructure; morphology; interconnected particles; high-rate capability
Issue Date
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
VOL 12, NO 29-32577
A Li-rich layered oxide (LLO) cathode with morphology-dependent electrochemical performance with the composition Li1.23Mn0.538Ni0.117Co0.114O2 in three different microstructural forms, namely, randomly shaped particles, platelets, and nanofibers, is synthesized through the solid-state reaction (SSR-LLO), hydrothermal method (HT-LLO), and electrospinning process (ES-LLO), respectively. Even though the cathodes possess different morphologies, structurally they are identical. The elemental dispersion studies using energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy mapping in scanning transmission electron microscopy show uniform distribution of elements. However, SSR-LLO and ES-LLO nanofibers show slight Co-rich regions. The electrochemical studies of LLO cathodes are evaluated in terms of charging/discharging, C-rate capability, and cyclic stability performances. A high reversible capacity of 275 mA h g?1 is achieved in the fibrous LLO cathode which also demonstrates good high-rate capability (80 mA h g?1 at 10 C-rate). These capacities and rate capabilities are superior to those of SSR-LLO [210.5 mA h g?1 (0.1 C-rate) and 4 mA h g?1 (3 C-rate)] and HT-LLO [242 mA h g?1 (0.1 C-rate) and 22 mA h g?1 (10 C-rate)] cathodes. The ES-LLO cathode exhibits 88% capacity retention after 100 cycles at 1 C-rate. A decrease in voltage on cycling is found to be common in all three cathodes; however, minimal voltage decay and capacity loss are observed in ES-LLO upon cycling. Well-connected small LLO particles constituting fibrous microstructural forms in ES-LLO provide an enhanced electrolyte/cathode interfacial area and reduced diffusion path length for Li+. This, in turn, facilitates superior electrochemical performance of the electrospun Co-low LLO cathode suitable for quick charge battery applications.
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