Strategy for Securing Key Patents in the Field of Biomaterials

Strategy for Securing Key Patents in the Field of Biomaterials
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Macromolecular research
VOL 28, NO 2-98
The quality of life is gradually improving with the development of medicine and the rising standard of living, but human beings are still faced with the risks of various diseases, accidents, aging, and industrial disasters. Accordingly, the importance of biocompatible materials for treating and recovering human tissues or functions is increasing. Furthermore, materials with various biological functions that interact with surrounding tissues and cells are being researched and developed, instead of materials that simply replace damaged tissues. This study analyzes the research and development trends of biocompatible materials and examines the latest status of technological developments. Biocompatible materials generally include metals, ceramics, polymers, gels, and composite materials. Polymer materials began to be widely used as biocompatible materials from the mid-20th century. Recently, polymer-extracellular matrix (ECM) composite technology using ECMs, which exist naturally in the human body, is drawing considerable attention. Thus, the ultimate objective of this study is to establish strategies to secure key patents in the field of polymer materials among various biocompatible materials. To this end, quantitative and qualitative analyses are conducted based on patents published in South Korea, the U.S., Japan, and Europe by country, keyword, applicant, and inventor. Based on the results of these analyses, this study examines recent patent application trends, and establishes directions for technology development and strategies for developing key technologies in this field. Consequently, four major strategies are established: technology development, purchasing patents, setting cross-licenses, and bypass technology development. Subsequently, concrete patent acquisition plans in line with each direction are conceived. In addition, four industries related to biocompatible materials (over-the-counter drugs, prescription
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