ElderSim: A Synthetic Data Generation Platform for Human Action Recognition in Eldercare Applications

ElderSim: A Synthetic Data Generation Platform for Human Action Recognition in Eldercare Applications
김익재조정현황호철Cheongjae JangGeonwoo Park
Issue Date
IEEE Access
VOL 온라인게재, 온라인게재
To train deep learning models for vision-based action recognition of elders’ daily activities, we need large-scale activity datasets acquired under various daily living environments and conditions. However, most public datasets used in human action recognition either differ from or have limited coverage of elders’ activities in many aspects, making it challenging to recognize elders’ daily activities well by only utilizing existing datasets. Recently, such limitations of available datasets have actively been compensated by generating synthetic data from realistic simulation environments and using those data to train deep learning models. In this paper, based on these ideas we develop ElderSim, an action simulation platform that can generate synthetic data on elders’ daily activities. For 55 kinds of frequent daily activities of the elders, ElderSim generates realistic motions of synthetic characters with various adjustable data-generating options and provides different output modalities including RGB videos, two- and three-dimensional skeleton trajectories. We then generate KIST SynADL, a large-scale synthetic dataset of elders’ activities of daily living, from ElderSim and use the data in addition to real datasets to train three state-of-the-art human action recognition models. From the experiments following several newly proposed scenarios that assume different real and synthetic dataset configurations for training, we observe a noticeable performance improvement by augmenting our synthetic data. We also offer guidance with insights for the effective utilization of synthetic data to help recognize elders’ daily activities.
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