Effect of 2.5D haptic feedback on virtual object perception via a stylus

Effect of 2.5D haptic feedback on virtual object perception via a stylus
황동현김규원Jaeyoung Park
Haptic feedback; Tactile feedback; Shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator; virtual object
Issue Date
Scientific Reports
VOL 11
As touch screen technologies advanced, a digital stylus has become one of the essential accessories for a smart device. However, most of the digital styluses so far provide limited tactile feedback to a user. Therefore we focused on the limitation and noted the potential that a digital stylus may offer the sensation of realistic interaction with virtual environments on a touch screen using a 2.5D haptic system. Thus, we developed a haptic stylus with SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) and a 2.5D haptic rendering algorithm to provide lateral skin-stretch feedback to mimic the interaction force between fingertip and a stylus probing over a bumpy surface. We conducted two psychophysical experiments to evaluate the effect of 2.5D haptic feedback on the perception of virtual object geometry. Experiment 1 investigated the human perception of virtual bump size felt via the proposed lateral skin-stretch stylus and a vibrotactile stylus as reference. Experiment 2 tested the participants’ ability to count the number of virtual bumps rendered via the two types of haptic styluses. The results of Experiment 1 indicate that the participants felt the size of virtual bumps rendered with lateral skin-stretch stylus significantly sensitively than the vibrotactile stylus. Similarly, the participants counted the number of virtual bumps rendered with the lateral skin-stretch stylus significantly better than with the vibrotactile stylus. A common result of the two experiments is a significantly longer mean trial time for the skin-stretch stylus than the vibrotactile stylus.
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