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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-023D volumetric ultrasound imaging with a 32×32 CMUT array integrated with front-end ICs using flip-chip bonding technologyAnshuman Bhuyan; Jung Woo Choe; 이병철, et al
2013-07A 32×32 Integrated CMUT Array for Volumetric Ultrasound ImagingAnshuman Bhuyan; Chienliu Chang; Jung Woo Choe, et al
2014-09A Column-Row-Parallel Ultrasound Imaging Architecture for 3D Plane-wave Imaging and Tx 2nd-Order Harmonic Distortion (HD2) ReductionKailiang Chen; 이병철; Kai Thomenius, et al
2018-05A Column-Row-Parallel Ultrasound Imaging Architecture for 3D Plane-wave Imaging and Tx 2nd-Order Harmonic Distortion (HD2) Reduction이병철; Kailiang Chen; Kai Thomenius, et al
2008-11A controllable fabrication and evaluation of Au nanowires using selective metal nanoscale etch method제가타; 이병철; 신현준, et al
2017-08A highly sensitive plasma-based amyloid-beta detection system through medium-changing and noise cancellation system for early diagnosis of the Alzheimer's disease이병철; 유용경; 김진식, et al
2019-07A MEMS ultrasound stimulation system for modulation of neural circuits with high spatial resolution in vitro오수진; 이병철; 조일주, et al
2017-05A Potential PET Radiotracer for the 5-HT2C Receptor: Synthesis and in Vivo Evaluation of 4-(3-[F-18]fluorophenethoxy)pyrimidine조용서; 배애님; 추현아, et al
2018-07A Simple Separation Method of the Protein and Polystyrene Bead-Labeled Protein for Enhancing the Performance of Fluorescent Sensor신현준; 이병철; 양승훈, et al
2006-11A study on the neural thermocouple arrays probe김광호; 이승훈; 임영근, et al
2018-02Amyloid Beta Detection by Faradaic Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy using Interdigitated Microelectrodes이병철; 박진수; 김혜진, et al
2013-07An Integrated Ring CMUT Array for Endoscopic Ultrasound and Photoacoustic ImagingAmin Nikoozadeh; Chienliu Chang; Jung Woo Choe, et al
2017-07An Ultrasonic System with an Attachable Acoustic Lens for Investigation of Opening a Microfluidic Blood-Brain Barrier Model이병철; 김홍남; 오민택, et al
2017-09Analytical calculation and fabrication of FET-embedded capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer이병철; 박진수; 김정연, et al
1996-01Application of the group-contribution lattice-fluid equation of state of random copolymer-solvent systems.이병철; Ronald P. Danner
2020-06Applications of Converged Various Forces for Detection of Biomolecules and Novelty of Dielectrophoretic Force in the Applications이병철; Seungjun Lee; Seong Min Roh, et al
2002-10Binder removal in metal injection molding process by using binary supercritical fluids mixture of CO ₂ + propane임종성; 김용호; 이윤우, et al
2006-10Bio-Mems이병철; 문성욱
2008-06Biosensor Implementation Using an Integrated Mach-Zehnder Interferometer추성중; 이병철; 김진식, et al
2000-10Cloud points of poly(L-lactide) in supercritical mixtures of methylene chloride and carbon dioxide국윤모; 이병철; 신정필, et al
2006-04Complete Prevention of Edge Bead Effect in Thick Photoresist for Cost-effective MEMS Process이병철; 장성일; 윤준보
2010-11Design, engineering and utility of biotic gamesIngmar H. Riedel-Kruse; Alice M. Chung; Burak Dura, et al
2021-02Dynamic behavior of microbubbles according to the flow velocity in an artificial capillary for theranostic applications이병철; 강동현; 심신용, et al
2002-10Effect of solvent composition and polymer molecular weight on cloud point of poly(L-lactide) in chlorodifluoromethane + carbon dioxide이병철; 임종성; 이윤우
2003-07Effect of solvent composition and polymer molecular weight on cloud points of poly(L-lactide) in chlorodifluoromethane + carbon dioxide.이병철; 임종성; 이윤우
2009-05Effects of centrifugation on the carboxyl modified single-walled carbon nanotubes suspension이정아; 이병철; 이상명, et al
2021-01Electric stimulation elicits heterogeneous responses in ON but not OFF retinal ganglion cells to transmit rich neural information이병철; 이수현; 임매순, et al
2021-01Electric Stimulation Elicits Heterogeneous Responses in ON but not OFF Retinal Ganglion Cells to Transmit Rich Neural Information.이병철; 이수현; 임매순, et al