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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-12A transmission electron microscopy study on the atomic arrangement and grain growth of hexagonal structured Ge2Sb2Te5박유진; 이정용; 김용태
2008-08A transmission electron microscopy study on the crystallization of Sb-Se-Te thin films deposited by rf sputtering method윤종문; 선창우; 이정용, et al
1999-02Alignment and lattice quality of hexagonal rings of hexagonal BN films synthesized by ion beam assisted deposition박영준; 한준희; 이정용, et al
1998-01An electron microscopy study on the formation mechanism of hillocks on the (100)CdTe/GaAs김윤경; 이정용; H.S. Kim, et al
2006-07Analysis of dynamic response characteristics of PRAM cell김용태; 박유진; 이정용, et al
2009-06Atomic arrangement variations of 30˚ in-plane rotation domain boundaries in ZnO thn films grown on Si substrates due to thermal annealingJ.W. Shin; 이정용; 노영수, et al
2012-04Atomic crystal structure of ordered In3Sb1Te2 ternary alloy studied by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy김청수; 이정용; 김용태
2003-10Atomic structure of random and c-axis oriented YMnO₃ thin films deposited on Si and Y2O₃/Si substrates김용태; 김익수; 김성일, et al
2000-01Boron nitride films grown by low energy ion beam assisted deposition박영준; 백영준; 이정용
2003-02Characterization for crystallization of SrBi2Nb2O9 thin films on Si substrates.유동철; 이정용; Robert Sinclair, et al
1998-02Comparison between TiO₂ thin films on InP and GaAs substrates by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition한영기; 이태경; 염상섭, et al
2012-05Comparison of thermal property between Ge2Sb2Te5 and In3Sb1Te2 alloys for phase-change memory김용태; 김용인; 이정용
2010-10Conformational dynamics of a single chain of submicron-sized polyelectrolyte in simple flow fields이정용; 전명석; 정현욱, et al
2012-11Conformational Dynamics of Sub-Micron Sized Wormlike Polyelectrolyte Polymer in Flow Fields이정용; 전명석; 정현욱, et al
2006-09Correlation between the atomic structures and the misorientation angles of [0001]-tilt grain boundaries at triple junctions in ZnO thin films grwon on Si substratesJW Shin; 이정용; 노영수, et al
2006-10Crystal extension of δ phase in SbxTe100-x phase change binary alloy along longitudinal axis without phase separation선창우; 이정용; 염민수, et al
2005-05Crystal structure and atomic arrangement of the metastable Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films deposited on SiO2/Si substrates by sputtering method박유진; 이정용; 염민수, et al
2001-07Crystal structure and electrical properties Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/ZrO2/Si최훈상; 김은홍; 최인훈, et al
2002-01Crystallization behavior of ferroelectric YMnO ₃ thin films on Si(100) substrates유동철; 이정용; 김익수, et al
2006-08Crystallization behavior of Sb64Te36 binary alloy선창우; 이정용; 염민수, et al
2013-12Debye Screening Effect on Scaling Behavior of Longest Relaxation Time of Biological Polyelectrolyte Chain이정용; 성정문; 윤규, et al
2009-09Decreased Expression of the Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling 6 in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma배현진; 노지헌; 은정우, et al
2010-08Dynamics of a Wormlike Polyelectrolyte Chain in Simple Flows by Brownian Dynamics Simulation and Single Molecule Tracking이정용; 전명석; 정현욱
2009-09Dynamics of Single Polymer Molecule in Slot Coating Flow이정용; 이주성; 전명석, et al
2005-02Effect of deposition period on structural and optical properties of InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots formed by InAs/GaAs short-period superlattices송진동; 박용주; 한일기, et al
1997-04Effect of oxygen ion energy and annealing in formation of tin oxide thin films송석균; 최원국; 정형진, et al
2001-02Effect of Si doping on InAs/GaAs quantum dots조광식; 윤석호; 황희돈, et al
2005-01Effects of annealing conditions on the crystallization and grain growth of metastable Ge2Sb2Te5박유진; 이정용; 염민수, et al
2001-11Effects of post-annealing on the microstructure and ferroelectric properties of YMnO ₃ thin films on Si유동철; 이정용; 김익수, et al
2007-07Electron-beam-Induced formation of Zn nanocrystal islands in a SiO2 layer김태환; J.W. Shin; 이정용, et al