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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-053-Carbamoyl-1-(2-nitrobenzyl)pyridinium bromide김경범; 정광덕; 김철, et al
2005-06A chemical route to room-temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline TiO2 thin films파탄; 김우영; 정광덕, et al
2011-02A Comparative study for gas-phase dehydration of glycerol over H-zeolites정광덕; 김용태; 박은덕
2015-10A Highly Efficient Heterogenized Iridium Complex for the Catalytic Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide to Formate박광호; 구나세카; 프라키쉬, et al
2006-10A method to enhance DME yield in DME Synthesis using H2 deficient syngas from a dry coal gasifier정광덕
2005-11A simple electrosynthesis route for preparation of nanocrystalline titanium sulphide film록핸드; 민선기; 정광덕, et al
2005-10A simple two-step method for preparation of cadmium selenide film on nickel substrate록핸드; 이은호; 정광덕, et al
2007-04A study of a nuclear hydrogen production demonstration plantChang, Jonghwa; Kim, Yong-Wan; Lee, Ki-Young, et al
2001-06A study of redox reaction of ferrite for hydrogen preparation신현창; 정광덕; 한성환, et al
2008-06A Study on the Water-Ethanol Separation by Membrane-Aided distillation in bio-ethanol process정헌; 최용석; 양대륙, et al
2003-11Accumulation of the carbonaceous species on the Ni/Al₂O₃ catalyst during CO₂ reforming of methane.이재희; 주오심; 백영순, et al
2005-05Aerosol assisted process for NiOx thin films using aqueous nickel acetate solution데자이; 민선기; 정광덕, et al
2005-05Ammonia-free chemical bath method for deposition of microcrystalline cadmium selenide films록핸드; 이은호; 정광덕, et al
2016-05An effective heterogeneous Ir(III) catalyst, immobilized on aheptazine-based organic framework, for the hydrogenation ofCO2to formate정광덕; 구나세카; 윤성호, et al
2001-06Analysis of design aspects of two-step thermochemical cycle using ferrite박영철; 최정운; 김종원, et al
2013-08Artificial Photosynthesis황윤정; 민병권; 정광덕
2001-10Behavior of ferrites in decomposition of H₂O for H₂ generation신현창; 정광덕; 한성환, et al
2010-10Behaviors of SO2 absorption in [BMIm][OAc] as an absorbent to recover SO2 in thermochemical processes to produce hydrogen이기용; 김훈식; 김창수, et al
2003-05CAMERE process for 100kg/day methanol production from CO ₂ .주오심; 정광덕; 오준우
2004-12CAMERE Process for methanol synthesis from CO2 hydrogenation주오심; 정광덕; 정연수
2003-10CAMERE process for methanol synthesis from CO₂ hydrogenation주오심; 정광덕; 김선진
2003-05Carbon deposition on Ni/Al₂O₃ catalysts during CO₂ reforming이재희; 주오심; 백영순, et al
1999-01Carbon dioxide hydrogenation to form methanol via a reverse-water-gas-shift reaction (the CAMERE process)주오심; 정광덕; 문일, et al
2001-05Carbon nanotube growing depends on reaction conditions김창근; 주오심; 정광덕, et al
2004-08Catalystic activity of Mo/MgO catalyst in the wet oxidation of H2S to sulfur at room temperature이은구; 정광덕; 주오심, et al
1995-05Catalytic activity control through surface modification주오심; 정광덕; 한성환, et al
2010-10Catalytic Activity of Cu-Zn-Al-Mn admixed with gamma-alumina for synthesis of DME from syngas: manganese effect or just method of preparation?팔구나딘; 야티; 정광덕
2009-02Catalytic Decomposition of SO3 over Pt/BaSO4 Materials in Sulfur-Iodine Cycle for Hydrogen ProductionBhari Mallanna Nagar; 정광덕; 안병성, et al
2006-04Catalytic decomposition of sulfur trioxide on the binary metal oxide catalysts of Fe/Al and Fe/Ti김태호; 공경택; 이병권, et al
2005-10Catalytic decomposition of sulfur trioxide with metallic catalysts for the IS cycle of thermochemical hydrogen production김태호; 공경택; 이병권, et al