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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-023D-feed horn antenna-coupled microbolometer김근태; 박종연; 한용희, et al
1999-12A basic research for the microbolometer using Vanadium Oxide thin films문성욱; 김민철; 강호관, et al
1998-11A basic study for the microbolometer using VOx thin films문성욱; 김민철; 강호관, et al
1999-11A comparative study for the characteristics of VOx thin films fabricated by thermal oxidation and sputtering methods박철우; 김민철; 강호관, et al
2000-01A comparative study of characteristics of VOx and Y1-xPrxBa2Cu3O7- δ for uncooled IR detector박철우; 김민철; 강호관, et al
1997-04A laser plasma x-ray lithography for 2.5 THz waveguide cavity문성욱; 강호관; 주병권, et al
1999-07A study for fabrication of microbolometer using by vanadium oxide thin films김민철; 박근우; 강호관, et al
1999-11A study on the IR absorption layer for resistive bolometer김민철; 박철우; 강호관, et al
1999-05Cantilever type optical switch using magnetostrictive thin films문성욱; 임상호; 한석희, et al
1997-09Characteristics of 2-inch DLC coated Si FEAs panel이상조; 주병권; 강호관, et al
2001-10Detectivity improvement of bolometer using coupled feed horn antenna김근태; 박종연; 강호관, et al
2000-10Electrical characteristics of multilayers VOx films as fabrication conditions김민철; 박철우; 강호관, et al
2003-04Enhanced infrared detection characteristics of VOx films prepared using alternating V2O5 and V layers강호관; 한용희; 신현준, et al
2002-12Enhanced performance of microbolometer using coupled feed horn antennaKuntae Kim; 박종연; 강호관, et al
1999-01Enhancement of emission characteristics for field emitters by N-doped hydrogen-free diamond-like-carbon coating강호관; 김도훈; 문성욱, et al
1999-11Evaluation of IR absorption characteristics of multilayers VOx films김민철; 박철우; 강호관, et al
1997-04Fabrication and field emission study of 2-inch DLC coated Si FEAs panel이상조; 강호관; 주병권, et al
1999-11Fabrication of 3D antenna array using SU-8심태석; 강호관; 김민철, et al
2001-10Fabrication of 3D feed horn shape MEMS antenna array using MRPBI system박종연; Kun-Tae Kim; 문성욱, et al
2002-07Fabrication of high aspect ratio metallic structures for optical devices using UV-LIGA process.강호관; 채경수; 문성욱, et al
1999-11Fabrication of microbolometer using MEMS technology강호관; 김민철; 하원호, et al
1999-11Fabrication of microbolometer using polyimide sacrificial layer하원호; 강호관; 김민철, et al
1998-11Fabrication of optical switches using MEMS technology강호관; 문성욱; 임상호, et al
2003-03Fabrication of vanadium oxide thin film with high-temperature coefficient of resistance using V2O5/V/V2O5 multi-layers for uncooled microbolometers한용희; 최인훈; 강호관, et al
1998-01Fabrication of VOx thin films and TCR measurement for resistive type IR bolometer김민철; 윤영수; 문성욱, et al
2002-07Fabrications of 3D-feed horn antenna coupled microbolometer김근태; 박종연; 한용희, et al
2002-09Fabrications of microbolometer coupled with 3D-feed horn antenna김근태; 박종연; 한용희, et al
2000-09Improvement of structural stability and IR detecting characteristics of microbolometer강호관; 하원호; 박철우, et al
1999-01Microactuators driven by giant magnetostrictive thin films임상호; 최용석; 한석희, et al
1998-01Optical switch driven by giant magnetostrictive thin films강호관; 문성욱; 임상호, et al