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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-101999년 선정 국가지정연구실사업의 성과분석김의성; 금동화; 송용일, et al
1990-013-5% Al 을 첨가한 UHCS 의 초소성 특성에 관한 연구금동화; 강형; 이용연
1990-01Al 의 첨가가 UHCS 의 펄라이트 판상간격에 미치는 영향 .금동화; 이동훈; 안재환
1992-01Aluminum effects on the microstructure and the superplasticity of ultra-high carbon steels processed by DETWAD.금동화; 강형; 김동훈
1997-01Analysis of the threshold stress in the Al-Ti alloys exhibiting high strain rate superplasticity금동화
1997-01Analysis of the threshold stress in the Al-Ti alloys exhibiting high strain rate superplasticity금동화
1996-01Analysis of x-ray diffraction patterns from mechanically alloyed Al-Ti powders.김혜성; 서동수; 김긍호, et al
1996-11Atomic force microscopy study of GaN-buffer layers on SiC(0001) by MOCVD임동섭; 변동진; 김긍호, et al
1998-11Comparison of different substrate pre-treatment for GaN growth by MOCVD김현정; 변동진; 박달근, et al
1996-01Comparison of GaN on sapphire with and without nitridation변동진; 정재식; 금동화, et al
1996-01Defeat of GaN films on SiC(0001)with GaN buffer layers by MOCVD.D. Byun; D. Lim; I. H. Choi, et al
1996-01Defects in GaN films on SiC(0001) with GaN buffer layers by MOCVD.변동진; 금동화; 김긍호, et al
1996-01Deformation modes of the superplastic Al-10wt%Ti alloy at high strain-rates.금동화; 서상희; 김혜성, et al
1996-01Determination of titanium solubility in alpha-aluminum during high energy milling.김긍호; 김혜성; 금동화
1986-01Development of ferrous laminated composites with unique microstructures by control of carbon diffusion.금동화; T. Oyama; O. Ruano, et al
1996-06Early history of transmission electron microscope and it's role on the advancement of materials science and engineering.금동화
1998-11Effect of Al-addition on microstructural refinement of ultra-high carbon steels during thermomechanical processes금동화; 강형
1997-10Effect of Al-addition on the microstructural refinement of ultrahigh carbon steels금동화
1990-01Effect of residual stress on Si-condumptin during W-deposition by LPCVD.금동화; H. C. Yoon; J. J. lee
1996-01Effect of sapphire nitridation on GaN by MOCVD변동진; 정재식; 금동화, et al
1997-06Effect of sapphire nitridation on GaN by MOCVD변동진; 김긍호; 정재식, et al
1996-01Effect of sapphire nitridation on GaN by MOCVD.금동화; 변동진; 김긍호, et al
1997-11Effect of substrate surface roughness modified by nitridation on GaN growth정재식; 변동진; 김병호, et al
2000-06Effects of reactive ion beam treatment of sapphire surface to optimize the deposition of GaN films김현정; 변동진; 김긍호, et al
1995-01Enhancement of Ti-supersaturation in alpha-aluminum by mechanical alloying.금동화; 김혜성; 김긍호
1996-01Epitaxial growth and characterization of GaN films on 6H-SiC by MOVPE.남옥현; 김긍호; 박달근, et al
1997-01Finite element analysis of solidification processes of axisymmetric castings considering phase change and contact구본영; 금영탁; 금동화, et al
1995-01Formation and stability of Al//3Ti in the hyper-peritectic Al-Ti alloys after mechanical alloying.김긍호; 김혜성; 금동화
1996-01Formation of Al//3Ti compound from mechanical alloyed hyper-peritectic Al-Ti alloys.금동화; 김긍호; 김혜성
1996-03Formation of Al//3Ti from mechanically alloyed hyper-peritectic Al-Ti powder.김혜성; 서동수; 김긍호, et al