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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-05Advances in Fabrication Techniques of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Portable Application김주선; 최선희; 이해원, et al
2004-01Characterization of PMW-PZT Thick Films Prepared by Screen Printing Method손진호; 김용범; 천채일, et al
2006-12Co-planar type single chamber solid oxide fuel cell with micro-patterned electrodes안성진; 김용범; 문주호, et al
2001-01Densification method of screen printed PZT(52/48) thick films김용범; 김태송; 최교숙, et al
2006-12Direct-write fabrication of integrated planar solid oxide fuel cells김용범; 안성진; 문주호, et al
2005-06Direct-Write Fabrication of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell by Robo-Dispensing김용범; 문주호; 김주선, et al
2005-05Direct-write Fabrication of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells김용범; 안성진; 문주호, et al
2004-04Effect of Sol Infiltration Method on electrical properties of PMW-PZT thick films prepared by screen printing김용범; 천채일; 유광수, et al
2001-11Electrical properties of 3-component piezoelectric thick films by screen printing method김용범; 김형준; Chae Il Cheon, et al
2002-10Fabrication and resonant behavior of PZT thick film cantilever for BioChip김형준; 김용범; 강지윤, et al
2006-12Fabrication of Co-Planar Type Single Chamber SOFC with Patterned Electrodes안성진; 김용범; 문주호, et al
2007-09Fabrication of stabilized piezoelectric thick film for silicon-based MEMS device권태윤; 김용범; 엄길호, et al
2001-04High quality screen printed piezoelectric thick film fabrication for piezocantilever application김용범; 김형준; 천채일, et al
2007-08Influence of patterned electrode geometry on performance of co-planar, single-chamber, solid oxide fuel cell안성진; 김용범; 문주호, et al
2002-07Micro mass detection devices for bio-chip based on PZT thick film cantilever.김형준; 김용범; 최기용, et al
1997-05Modeling of composition change of a single particle by its reaction with the ambient SO₂김용범; 최문규; 김용표, et al
2000-11Modeling of composition change of a yellow sand during its long-range transport김용범; 최문규; 김용표, et al
2002-11Preparation of diffuser type micropump using screen-printed PZT-PCW thick films김용범; 김형준; Chae Il Cheon, et al
2006-10Preparation of piezoelectric 0.1Pb(Zn0.5W0.5)O3-0.9Pb(Zr0.5Ti0.5)O3 solid solution and thick films for low temperature firing on a Si-substrate권태윤; 박재홍; 김용범, et al
2006-04Preparation of piezoelectric 0.1Pb(Zn0.5W0.5)O3-0.9Pb(Zr0.5Ti0.5)O3 thick films on Si substrate by screen printing method권태윤; 박재홍; 김용범, et al
2001-08Preparation of PZT(52/48) piezoelectric thick film by screen printing method김용범; 최두진; 윤석진, et al
2000-01Sensing characteristics of dc reactive sputtered WO3 thin films as an NOx gas sensor김태송; 김용범; 유광수, et al
1999-07Sensing characteristics of WOx films deposited by r.f. sputtering for NOx gas sensor김태송; 윤영수; 김용범, et al
2001-10Sensitivity characterization of PZT thick film cantilever for biochip김형준; 김용범; 김태송
1997-01The sensing characteristics of WO//3 thin films for NOx gas detection with the change of deposition method김태송; 정형진; 김용범, et al
2001-08-07고감도 초소형 캔틸레버 센서 및 그 제조방법김용범; 김태송; 김형준
2001-08-07고감도 초소형 캔틸레버 센서 및 제조 방법김용범; 김태송; 김형준
2001-05-26고밀도 압전 후막 및 그 제조방법김용범; 김태송; 천채일
2000-05-13스크린 프린팅에 의한 고밀도 세라믹 후막 제조방법김용범; 김태송; 정형진