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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988-08A basic study on the pressure digestion of the waste solutions containing metals and cyanic acid.김윤배; 조만형
1996-11A study on the behavior of hydrogen in Nd-Fe-B type alloys김윤배; 정원용
1989-01A study on the dissolution mechanism and kinetics of zinc-ferrite in sulfuric acid solution.김윤배; 조만형
2008-12Adhesion and interfacial characteristics of metal/PI composite film modified by O2 ion beamW.J. Lee; 김윤배
2007-02Adhesion Properties of Copper/Polyimide Film Modified by Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)이욱제; 김윤배; 이우영, et al
2007-03Annealing Effect on Magnetic Properties and Electromagnetic Absorption Behaviors for Fe-Cr Alloy Powder-Polymer composites이성재; 김윤배; 이경섭, et al
2008-04Attenuation characteristics of near-field electromagnetic noise through microstrip line for magnetic absorbers with different levels of conductivity김상우; 이정환; 김윤배, et al
2003-07Bulk amorphous Ni-Zr-Ti-Si-Sn alloy fabricated by consolidation of gas-atomized powder.김윤배; 박현모; 배종수, et al
1997-01Calorimetric investigation of liquid aluminum-magnesium-zinc alloys김윤배; F. Sommer; B. Predel
1997-01Calorimetric measurement of liquid aluminium-lithium-zinc alloys김윤배; F. Sommer
1995-01Determination of the enthalpy of mixing of liquid aluminum-copper-megnesium alloys.김윤배; Ferdinand Sommer; Bruno Predel
2002-03Development of composite materials by using non-equilibrium phase powder김윤배
2003-02Development of consolidation process for complex shape using non-equilibrium phase powder.김윤배; 허성강
2007-12Effect of annealing temperature on electromagnetic absorption properties of crystalline Fe-Si-Al alloy powder-polymer composites이성재; 김윤배; 이경섭, et al
1999-09Effect of FeGa3 powder addition on the magnetic properties of NdFeB sintered magnetsT.S. Zhao; 김윤배; 정원용
2006-06Effect of grain size on amount of deformation-induced epsilon martensite and shape memory effect in Fe-Mn alloy지광구; 한준현; 김윤배, et al
2002-10Effect of magnetic properties on the Zr contents of Sm(Co.688-xFe.242Cu.07Zrx)7.404 sintered magnets정우상; 김윤배; 정원용
2008-04Effect of Mo addition on the glass formation and properties of Ni60Nb40 metallic glass진홍석; 석송; 이덕영, et al
2008-01Effect of oxidation on transformation and deformation behavior in Ni-Ti alloy김규석; 지광구; 김윤배, et al
1999-07Effects of additive elements on the behavior of hydrogen in Pr-Fe-B magnetic alloys김윤배; 정원용; 장태석
1999-08Effects of the addition of FeGa3 on the magnetic properties of sintered NdFeB type magnetsT.S. Zhao; 김윤배; 정원용
2006-10Effects of the Addition of Permalloy Powder on the High-Frequency Magnetic Properties of Fe-Based Amorphous Powder Cores김윤배; 김광윤
2005-08Effects of the phosphate conversion coating on high-frequency magnetic properties of FeSiCrBC amorphous powder cores장대호; 노태환; 최광보, et al
2005-11Effects of the Zn phosphate coating on magnetic properties of Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si15.5B7 nanocrystalline alloy powder cores장대호; 최광보; 김윤배, et al
2006-04Effects of the Zn-phosphate coating on magnetic properties of Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si15.5B7 nanocrystalline alloy powder cores장대호; Noh, TH; Choi, GB, et al
2005-05Electroless nickel-phosphorus plating on Ni-Zr-Ti-Si-Sn amorphous powder김윤배; 박현모
2008-09Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Efficiency and Noise Suppression in a Transmission Line for Carbon-Coated Magnetic Composite FilmsJ. W. Lee; C. Y. Lee; Y. K. Hong, et al
2006-12Electromagnetic shielding properties of soft magnetic metal and ferrite composites for application to suppress noise in a radio frequency range윤용운; 김상우; 김광윤, et al
2007-09Electromagnetic shielding properties of soft magnetic powder-Polymer composite films for the application to suppress noise in the radio frequency range김상우; 윤용운; 이성재, et al
2009-09Energy-saving and quickly-responding SMA actuator지광구; 김윤배; 한준현, et al