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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-023D 패키징 적용을 위한 박막 실리콘 기판을 이용한 RF-MEMS 패키징 .김용국; 박윤진; 김철주, et al
2003-01A novel thin chip scale packaging of the RF-MEMS devices using ultra thin silicon.박윤권; 김용국; 김훈, et al
2002-04A novel wafer level packaging of the RF-MEMS devices with low loss박윤권; 이덕중; 박흥우, et al
2000-10A study on Fabrication of Thermopile Infrared Detector이성준; 주병권; 이윤희, et al
1987-03Boron diffusion of low concentration through Poly·Si-SiO2김정회; 주병권; 김철주
1999-07Characteristic estimation of the formation and etching of PZT thin films for pyroelectric IR sensor application박윤권; 주병권; 전호승, et al
2004-03Characteristics of Copper-catalyzed Cyanide Decomposition by Electrolysis이진영; 윤호성; 김성돈, et al
1997-06Characteristics on the gate insulator of metal tip field emitter arrays after wet etching process정유호; 주병권; 정재훈, et al
1996-02DLC-coated knife-edge field emitter arrays on (110) Si wafer주병권; 오명환; 고창기, et al
1997-01Effect of wet-etching process on the gate insulator of metal tip FEA정유호; 주병권; 정재훈, et al
1987-01Elimination of hole traps on Si wafer using reoxidation method홍순관; 주병권; 김철주
1998-07Etching-bonding-thin film deposition process for MEMS-IR SENSOR application박윤권; 주병권; 박흥우, et al
1994-02Fabrication and characterization of silicon devices for flow measurement (II)주병권; 고창기; 김철주, et al
1995-06Fabrication and characterization of silicon field emission device고창기; 정재훈; 주병권, et al
2001-09Fabrication and packaging of the vacuum magnetic field sensor박흥우; 박윤권; 이덕중, et al
1997-06Fabrication and performance improvement of silicon cold electron source having a whisker-shapped cross-sectional structure주병권; 고창기; 이윤희, et al
1994-01Fabrication of (100), (110), (111) Si tip using various wet etching method박흥우; 주병권; 고창기, et al
1995-07Fabrication of knife type Si tip array by orientatio dependent etching of single silicon substrate정유호; 고창기; 김철주, et al
1992-01Fabrication of piezoresistive pressure sensor and its application to digital pressure guage하병주; 주병권; 박선우, et al
1994-01Fabrication of Si tips for field emission devices주병권; 오명환; 박흥우, et al
1999-01Fabrication of un-cooled infrared sensor using pyroelectric thin film박윤권; 주병권; 박흥우, et al
1991-08Filling-up effect of micro-gap by interfacial oxide growing in SFB process강광남; 주병권; 이재옥, et al
1994-10Formation of silicon diaphragm using silicon-wafer direct bonding / electrochemical etch-stopping and its application to silicon pressure sensor fabrication주병권; 하병주; 김근섭, et al
2003-06Innovation ultra thin packaging for rf-mems devices.박윤권; 김용국; 김철주, et al
1998-11MEMS-IR sensor fabrication and characterization주병권; 박흥우; 박윤권, et al
1999-04Micro-tunneling sensor for vacuum level evaluation of field emission display박흥우; 주병권; 박윤권, et al
1999-07Micro-tunneling sensors for vacuum level evaluation of field emission display devices박흥우; 주병권; 박윤권, et al
1992-01Microscopy study for the batch fabrication of silicon diaphragm하병주; 주병권; 차균현, et al
1994-01MNS와 MNOS의 특성 및 field emission 소자의 gate insulator로서의 응용주병권; 오명환; 정재훈, et al
1995-01Needle-type field emitter 를 만들기 위한 실리콘 비등방성 식각에 관한 연구고창기; 주병권; 박흥우, et al