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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-12An electrical switching device controlled by a magnetic field-dependent impact ionization process이진서; 주성중; 김태엽, et al
2015-11Conductance Change Induced by the Rashba Effect in the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interface김태엽; 김신익; 백승협, et al
2008-05Electrical switching controlled by magnetic field이진서; 주성중; 김태엽, et al
2008-06Electrical switching controlled by magnetic field이진서; 주성중; 김태엽, et al
2009-07Enhancement of negative differential resistance effect by magnetic field in InSb tunneling diode주성중; 김태엽; 송진동, et al
2004-01Fabrication of 3-D structures by inclined and rear-side exposures이준섭; 신현준; 문성욱, et al
2002-04Fabrication of high-aspect-ratio in-plane actuator using UV-LIGA process김종용; 채경수; 정대석, et al
2002-07Low-cost fabrication of high aspect ratio metallic structure for optical switch application using UV-LIGA process채경수; 정대석; 김종용, et al
2013-11Magnetic field controlled InSb avalanche diodes for reconfigurable logic장준연; 주성중; 김태엽, et al
2013-02Magnetic-field-controlled reconfigurable semiconductor logic주성중; 김태엽; 신상훈, et al
2013-07Magneto-reconfigurable semiconductor logic at room temperature주성중; 김태엽; 신상훈, et al
2004-03Measuring the Young's modulus of microstructure using parallel plate electrostatic microactuator김태엽; 허재성; 문성욱, et al
2007-12Spin polarization and applications of paramagnetic high g-factor semiconductors이진서; 주성중; 김태엽, et al
2009-02The Crossover Region of the Zeeman and the Rashba Effects in HgCdTe김태엽; 주성중; 이진서, et al
2011-05Tunable polarization of spin polarized current by magnetic field주성중; 이진서; 김태엽, et al
2004-03Variable optical attenuator using parallel plate electrostatic actuator허재성; 김태엽; 최인훈, et al
2004-11Variable Optical Attenuator Using Parallel Plate Electrostatic Actuator허재성; 김태엽; 신현준, et al
2004-04Variable optical attenuator using parallel plate electrostatic actuator김태엽; 허재성; 문성욱, et al
2003-07VOA fabrication with symmetric actuator김태엽; 허재성; 문성욱, et al
2009-11-19InSb 기반 스위칭 소자 및 그의 형성 방법김태엽; 송진동; 신경호, et al